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Free first mex / streamlined eco

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12 days ago
One thing I really like about Zero-K is that things start happening _fast_. The free first factory is a major reason for this.

I was wondering if this could be further enhanced by streamlining eco a little. One thought I had is that you could get a free first mex as part of your starter pack, maybe a solar too?

Another option could be adding a little bit of energy gen to mexes, giving you a few more APM to start scouting/raiding vs eco - this option in particular would also make the game a tiny bit friendlier to new starters.
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12 days ago
technically it could be interesting to give mexes E income equal to their metal income

that way energy is only usefull for reclaim, repair, E upkeep for units, and overdrive

only thing that would fall of the end of that would be building a grid with your first solars or so
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12 days ago
You already get quite a few mexes and solars in your commander (and some magical hammerspace that is not commander), in addition to starting resources that you then get the choice of allocating in economy or dairy products.

Tactics-K where you just start with a squad of units and no constructors is probably the fast paced alternative that doesnt get bogged down in annoying details like value of free mex being map and startpos dependent.
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