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zk democracy improvements

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4 months ago
to incorporate even more democracy to beloved voting process in map chosin i postulate improvements in form of:

1. chaging start button to "walll mule" button, (or end vote for uncultured proverbial swines(go vegan))

this way when map vote starts everyone can kill vote by pressing a button which was in the start button place but with different label.

if vote reaches half players the map vote or other vote is canceled.

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I think we would better have a button "don't like map that's why I don't want to start". Now is hard to know if people don't want to start because they are away or because they hate map. So rather than change the vote map I would change the vote start to have: "start", "no, don't like map", "no, other" (or with more).

Edit: so most of times after a failed vote start, people that do "!map" just assume is because of the map...
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4 months ago
Also, more than one vote at the same time would be excellent.
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