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Terraform Lite Revenant Artillery Tech

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12 days ago
Revenants don't need huge spires to launch missiles to 600+ range

5 minute cheat replay demo: https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1952280
The bit at the beginning where I gave the Revenants to the wrong team after setting up a Solar Collector array as targets is irrelevant.
The first section of the demo shows that Revenants that are landed on level ground can target the ground while taking off to launch part of their salvo on an extended ballistic trajectory.
The second section of the demo shows that the previous technique fails if the ground is not level.
The third section of the demo shows that landing a Revenant on a small spire and having it target another spire of similar height constantly launches missiles past 600 range without the need for further micro.
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Nice demo. It shows that the exploit is not like a snitch launcher because it does not require a newton turret nor any terraforming.
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11 days ago
Nice post.

I was unable to reproduce the third part.

When I attempt the same thing, my Revenant fully lands on the small spire, and is unable to shoot. (Or alternatively; with Air Idle State=Fly, it fully flies, and can't get any long-range shots).

Can you provide more info about how you get your Revenant to hover just slightly above the spire?
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