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Carabanossi 1.0 Supported

By The Elusive Pyroshark

6 player free for all
Size: 28 x 24


Downloads: 1393
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Straight to the point desc:
Units move twice as fast when traveling across the electric blue highways. The water surrounding the map is highly acidic (100 damage / s). The lowlands are very close to sea level meaning even medium craters will push the ground below water. The map is highly defensible but with every location except for spawns and wall forts has multiple angles of attack.

Sexed up desc:
A massive 6 player free for all. Units move twice as fast when traveling across the electric blue highways, so controlling the roads are vital for quick reinforcement and retreats. The roads are however vulnerable to strategic destruction. This goes double for the roads connecting spawn to the walls as they are very close to sea level thus making it easy to submerge them In the highly acidic water.

Chokepoints are everywhere on this map but there are multiple angles of attack for all of them. Players can thereby try and break intrenched positions head on with artillery, crush them by attacking from multiple angles, or use skirmishing tactics to prevent the enemy from entrenching themselves. The huge map lends itself to long drawn-out battles where frontlines are constantly shifting.
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It would appear that the uploaded map is broken. I think that it has something to do with the compression.
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3 years ago
Roads do evil things evilly.
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