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CrossRoads v1.0.0

By PetTurtlle

Four platforms connected by roads
Size: 10 x 10


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17 months ago
New map. I used some new techniques to make this. Feedback is appreciated, especially on the visuals.
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17 months ago
Can you expand on what "new techniques" means?

When I zoom out and pan around the map, there is a weird kind of static-y effect on the dirt surfaces that bothers me a bit. Not sure what exactly is causing it. I like the general idea that the aesthetics are going for, though.

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This version has a weaker normal map https://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/61709

I am projecting models onto the height map in order to make man made shapes look more realistic a long with painting everything with substance painter. This is the first map I made doing and I made a number of mistakes causing issues like the road on the terrain being a different colour then platform.
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