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Gecko Isle Remake v1.2 Matchmaking pool

By Nikuksis (original by qray)

2-6 player island map. Great tidals. Beware of hovers.
Size: 16 x 18


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2 months ago
This has a lot more metal than the previous version. Not sure how I feel about it. Supporting for now.
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2 months ago
Mo money Mo problems! At least its not a map where pala rush is the only option in lob pot
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51 days ago
Added this to MM (and hence featured it for teams also).
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40 days ago
omg every 1v1 i spec here ppl excess crazy :)
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I don't think it should replace the old Gecko Isle. That's one of my favourite maps!

Has a lot of character compared to this one which is rather generic territory acquisition (it also has unclear mex sizes).
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22 days ago
This version should work much better as a teams all welcome map rather than a 1v1 map in my opinion.
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