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Title: Teams
Host: RUrankChvaN
Game version: Zero-K v1.6.2.8
Engine version: 104.0.1-151-g11de57d
Started: 4 months ago
Duration: 7 minutes
Players: 6
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 60.4%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 39.6%


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4 months ago
Maybe Darts are OP now afterall
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4 months ago
Just maybe...
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4 months ago
yeah this was silly
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4 months ago
After seeing this I have no idea how to play HT vs LV now
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4 months ago
Looks powerful. See if you can find counters. Outlaw under shield should do well. Kodachi has the upfront damage to 1-shot Dart and the fire area should kill any that enter.
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4 months ago
Is this something that you couldn't have been done with scorchers? Scorchers wreck comms and outlaws too. It supplements Vehs anti-heavy capacity which is nice, though apparently the Tank-Vah matchup is already favoured by Tanks (Because of Capcar or..?)
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4 months ago
(edited 4 months ago)

Is this something that you couldn't have been done with scorchers?

This is something that couldn't be done with Scorchers.

The reason for that is mainly that virgin Scorchers, while kinda good at killing things which can't run or shoot back, fare quite badly - though not catastrophically - at fighting other raiders.

Several factors cause this to be the issue:

- Slow aiming and slow turning. First is partially addressed by latest patch but fighting multiple nimble opponents is still not something that Scorcher does well.

- Retardation Low speed. Glaives and Daggers outrun Scorcher. Blitzes and Kodachi match speed. Bandits are a bit slower, but also a lot cheaper.

- Low dps at typical engagement ranges. A single Bandit does more damage at its max range than a Scorcher, and has enough speed to maintain that range comfortably. Blitzes take very little damage. Kodachi only lose to player errors - they cannot attack into Scorchers, but the converse is also true. This is compounded by inaccuracy - Scorchers often miss against enemies which are maneuverable enough to change directions rapidly - which are not only bots, but also Daggers and Darts.

- Being huge and easy to hit, while also fragile. Things like Scalpel have problems hitting Glaives and Darts - but Bandits and Scorchers just eat shots.

- Commander health buff making 3-scorcher kills unlikely. You need 5 now. And by the time you've got 5, they've got their raiders, which beat the Scorcher (or at least hamper your push enough that you can't do critical damage anymore).

- Vulnerability to AOE due to need to hug the high-value target they want to kill.

- Vulnerability to "retreat micro" because of limited speed projectile. Regardless of which other raider they fight against, if the other raider can position itself to run away from the Scorcher while fighting, it will deal double damage. A single Bandit can defeat a Scorcher this way. Slow speed and ineffective mid-range dps compound this.

- Not only is the Scorcher DPS unreliable against other raiders, it's also continuous. A Scorcher needs to spend some time with the thing it's trying to kill. So if any of the other factors prevent this from happening, it fails.

Now, compare this with Chad Dart:

- Enough speed to chase everything, then slow it down, and then and run circles around it. Enough speed to decide what to engage.
- High alpha means that biting the enemy and dying isn't that bad
- Reliable DPS at full range. Scorcher deals ~150 unrealiable dps to other raiders for 120m. Darts deal 120 highly reliable dps witih alpha and slowing for the same buck.
- No retreat micro vulnerability because of instant hit weapon not losing range while moving forward.
- Small and nimble enough to dodge lightning gun and scalpel missiles
- Fragility is a lie because the enemy is slowed, so deals half of its dps
- Less vulnerability to AOE because of massive speed and low cost - mines can be spotted, riots surrounded much easier.

Now, granted, there was no need to use only darts. Enemies slowed and confused by Dart biker raids lose a lot of their advantages over Scorcher, which can now reliably chase them while enjoying taking only 50% DPS of the return fire - but that doesn't really matter for other raiders, because if Darts happened to them successfully, they are dead anyway.
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4 months ago
Thanks for that nice analysis EErankAdminAnarchid
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4 months ago
add one allied player with a mace to the darts and cut everything down in no time.
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