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If you could change/add/remove anything from ZK, what would it be?

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Obviously it should go without saying that ZK is already great. For me, I'd like to see greater variety of interesting mods and game modes. What would everyone else change if they could? (not limited to unit tweaks)
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  • Definitely remove/nerf Defender. [?]
  • Definitely bring back old Outlaw. [?]
  • Definitely expand the kudos-system to support bike horns for commanders.
  • Definitely bring back default-on ally-reclaim.
  • Definitely disable any return-of-investment things.
  • Definitely remove fire- and other resistances.
  • Definitely try my Djinn experiment. [?]
  • Definitely make defense ranges for incomplete structures dotted or dashed.
  • Definitely reduce Air Repair/Rearm Pad to one platform.
  • Possibly bring back Owl.
  • Possibly remove commanders, then hide from all the players who want to kill me.
  • Possibly add a lobster unit to amph fac.
  • Possibly remove storage.
  • Possibly remove slow damage from real-dmg skirmishers.
  • Possibly attempt to make Racketeer less trolly.
  • Possibly turn Felon into "Archon", make shield == HP.
  • Possibly bring back old Pyro explosion.
  • Possibly revert Moderator to pre-dmg version. [?]
  • Possibly move nuke and/or antinuke to Missile Silo.
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4 years ago
Add more dakka.
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4 years ago
Remove overdrive & singularity.
Add 360 click&drag building rotation like in most RTSes.
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4 years ago
Game stuff
  • Change fac build hotkeys

Tank D -> T
Amph F -> A
Spider A -> S
Gunship T -> G
(Also Jumpy S -> D and Ship G -> F because else they collide)

  • Make most buildings buildable in depth-6 water
  • Remove the useless "i choose you pikachu" spam when someone picks a comm
  • Remove the +0.3 con incomes
  • Bring back communism
  • Swap Chainsaw and Hacksaw models

Metagame stuff
  • unfeature shitmaps (will still get !votemapped but at least wont show up for newbies who might rather have an actual game)
  • disallow non-featured maps on public hosts and hide non-public hosts by default
  • room limit 4v4, unlimited on weekends
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4 years ago
> Remove Terraform
> Nerf Dante
> Restore 2012 Ravager + Outlaw
> Limit room size on 'offical' autohosts, restricting large games to rooms hosted personally players.

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4 years ago
- Bring back old Riot Troll Comm
- nurf Firewalker and Cata
- unnerf skuttle
- unfeature Sprung, remove his innate income, and disallow on public hosts
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* remove DErankChesti
* remove !y/!n spam (both ingame and in lobby)
* make comands (!something) not visible by default, the poll starter can be included in the poll question iself

Bring back communism
* remove red
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Make features generate a cloud of dust / sand / metal particles upon destruction, or generally somehow make them not disappear in jarring silence. done

Make ground units (that is, everything except fliers, ships, hovercraft) traversing water that is shallower than the unit's height, leave wakes in the water. done

Make projectiles and explosions emit dynamic lights. Especially the nuke. done

Split Buoy into artillery ("Kraken") and medium assault ("Lobster") units, of which neither has slow.

Split Wyvern into a heavy, tanky, inaccurate (long projectile flight time) assault bomber (Eclipse) and a light, fast, reasonably fragile anti-unit bomber (possibly even keeping its aoe)

Make IoG / Adansonia style mixed maps the default map type.

Rebalance hovers, ships, and amphs with regard to their role on such maps.

Give LV an antiheavy solution that isn't countered by every second heavy worth the name having a riot sidearm.

Remove Reef's missile and antinuke.

Merge Serpent and Leviathan. Remove the torpedo weapon. Give the merged unit Reef's missile weapon. Make it have to surface to fire both missile and tacnuke weapons.

Remove sonar as a mechanic.
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4 years ago
* Commanders past level 2 (old level 1). Dynamic commanders system of questionable usefullness falls in this category as well.
* Wyvern. More direct damage, way less splash, more reload time
* Annoying all-around good units: Firewalker, new Warrior, Scythes, Scalpel, Wolverines, Blastwings, Reef, Rapier
* Defender as a unit should either cease to exist or become way less 'offender'. Require placement on E-grid perhaps?
* Something needs to be done with pyro. It has a damage potential of good riot unit, speed of raider and quite mediocre health.

* Sniper damage output
* More competitive glaives vs almost all other raiders (bandits, kodas, daggers, ducks)
* More damage for levelers & mace
* More damage/metal cost to most of mobile AA units, except ArchAngel and Trident perhaps
* Although pre-nurf Raven was too strong, the way it was nurfed was wrong IMO. I feel something like slower falling bomb and a bit higher drop height should make nurf look better.
* Phoenix bombing curve, more health or speed
* More health to Thunderbird, alternatively acceleration during bombing
* Hawks and Swifts should somehow occupy different roles. Now hawk is redundant. One of them should be capable of competing with Tridents in certain scenarios.
* Skuttle decloak and/or jump speed
* Old moderator instead of current one
* Artilery for amphs, lower weight of penetrator, some real artilery for shields
* Spiders raider?
* Lower weight/stats Kodachi?
* Faster targeting for dart
* Do something with units almost noone builds: djinn, surfboard, hacksaw, newton

Internal improvements:
* Targetting priorities, especially for raiders and artilery
* Overkill prevention for placeholder and for precise assaults/indirect fire skirmishers (vs buildings)
* Automatic graviguns control (sumo, newton)

To be continued...

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- make ducks float and move above water
- rebalance sea around that, see if it's any good
- somehow make surfboard not a complete joke

- remove a handful of people

- unfeature all the bad maps
- also unfeature hide and seek

- put a reasonable upper limit on com morphs (somewhere between 5 and 10 maybe)
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4 years ago
Lower weight of scythe so that they're still good at ninjaing, but less good at raw attrition. Either that or buff turret turn rate across the board so they can't snipe riots.

Have a system for prebuilding terra on particular maps, customisable just like coms via the site. This would allow people to smoothely implement more advanced strategies without fidgetting with the UI or wasting literally hundreds or even thousands of metal with botched terra.

Get rid of athena. It adds more noise to the game and introduces nothing new.

Standardise bomber success so that they're more reliable under clear conditions. There's a bit of a barrier to using the more advanced ones due to them having hidden firing limitations (thunderbird and wyvern in particular sometimes like to ignore you if you tell them to fire too late). Wyvern could trade in generality for reliability, as atm it's unreliably amazing vs. almost everything.

Tortoise strider.

An expensive but more efficient seabound terraformer for prolonging the value of your fleet in extensive team engagements by digging inland. It's sort of lame that all your dudes just sit there doing nothing once you've won water. Something like ultimatum but clumsier while also being more efficient at digging.

A more specific role for rapier. ATM it wipes the floor with everything not specifically designed to kill it, and even then there's mobility issues.

Take funnel out of strider, introduce it to spider, it's their new artillery.

Make advanced radar give sonar too.

But honestly I'm scraping the barrel here. I'm pretty damn satisfied with the game. I find it really hard to accept most of these other suggestions.
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4 years ago
Anything that's not unit tweaks?
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Yeah sure..
  • Add more players.
  • Add 100 FPS.
  • Add instant loading/saving/...
  • Remove a few CoC entries
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4 years ago
Possibly remove storage.

That's offensive.

Restore 2012 Ravager

I would have never expected that FROM A GBC PLAYER.

room limit 4v4, unlimited on weekends

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4 years ago
Remove sea. And air.
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4 years ago
CArankPxtl, play on asteroids. No air or fluid water there.
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4 years ago
-Changes to elo, but mostly better seperation between ranked/unranked matches.

-Do away with the maptagging/feature system and treat maptagging like any other changes to game.
(not anonym, track changes, via github)

-Track & publish more statistics
(win rates on maps, player numbers, factory choices, downloads, page views, how many players completed a mission,...)

-Official rooms for playing RTS.
-Max size 4v4 or 5v5, sensible mapsizes
-No shitmaps (not even with !commands) - only featured maps
-rotating map selection, maps of the week etc
(Every week a new featured selection from supported mappool is choosen and replaces the old one.)
-The soon-to-be-featured maps get pimped up with the pimp-up-system below.
(This ensure no unnessecary up-pimping is done and up-pimping goes un-used)

-Include some default-map-objects (trees, rocks, civil tech stuff, animals) in mod.
Use that stuff to pimp up all the uni-color-flat-boring maps in non-obstructing way.

-Shitmaps and shitsettings can be used in the shitroom.
-Permaban for everyone who tries to argue that metalmulti!=default with 10v10 on IcyRun is not shit.

-make the smallest units bigger & easier to see.
(No idea why Flea/Roach/Skuttle are so tiny when they have huge impacts. Imo tiny suicide-units is TA-ism.)

-use mediawiki for wiki/manual.
Force people how to use wiki in ways that does not create future work for others.
Permanban people who do not see the use of manuals etc.

-less pregame-RPS/early nonsense rush
(changes to Commander, start eco)
-In turn this would allow more interessting stuff for midgame

-One server, one lobby protocol, lobbies without silly restrictions on one game.
To see greater variety of interesting mods and game modes.

-Must-be-played-before-onlineplay-Tutorial that explains in 5 minutes: How to control units, chat, camera.

-Possible standardize weapon damages somehow.

-Do not use the "freely pick your startposition" system, except maybe for special tourneys.
Allow players to choose between several pre-defined startpositions.
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4 years ago
Room limit
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- Make Phoenix, Hawk, Raven and BD relevant again or substitute them with replacements.
- Make Krow look and act way more awesome and have it morph from the gunship factory.
- Have Wyvern fill some role instead of it being a super generalist being able to hit swifts as well as razors.

- Make Ships play like ships, not boats that can't hit anything inland.
- Redesign amphs to look and play as if they were actually really amphibious.
- Remove sonar as it is right now.
- Make an artilery unit for amphs.

- Break current skirmisher meta in favour of assaults/raiders.
- Create proper options menu for ZK. Both in-game and in the lobby.
- Make someone reasonable responsible for the mappool.
- Ban all people in this thread for spamming negativity.
- Remove/limit small defensive turrets.
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