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DRAFT for NEXT release


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This is a draft for the next release, these changes are not live and not guaranteed to stay. For the latest stable release notes see changelog. For the unprocessed, technical list of changes see the commit log.


  • Receiving AFK player's units is now opt-in
  • Players can receive more than one extra commander if team player counts are sufficiently lopsided

  • Remove Cyclops' unused small gun from model

  • Missile silo's 'select missiles' bound to Any+D by default
  • Label text has option to be now ally-colored in chat
  • Better handling of "enemy inactive" popup window
  • Quitting to menu no longer triggers a resign
  • Proper handling of metal display with excessive metal mults

  • More chicken types can see and attack underwater targets
  • Chicken units are no longer slowed by water
  • Chicken Tube and Spire more powerful

Game fixes
  • Fixed Disruptor Bomb potentially doing no slow damage if launching unit dies before impact
  • Athena land/fly preset works properly
  • Fixed a Linux/Mesa shader error
  • Fixed Swift clogging factory pad
  • Fixed various rare code errors
  • Dodo help window shows correct damage value
  • Resign button works when already resigned
  • Fixed team economy display when spectating
  • Fixed Ctrl + left-click selection as spec

  • Unlocks page properly displays remaining donation ("kudos") points
  • Allow restricting rooms by rank
  • Fixed donator badges showing for some non-donators

  • Don't prompt for crash report when killing game's process


  • Replaced Cyclops' combination cannon/slow beam with a single disruptor cannon
    • This is intended to enforce its role as an anti-heavy unit, reducing its effectiveness against small units

  • Added new Strike Commander skins: Chitin, Renegade

  • New sounds for various weapons
  • Zombie mode sounds are back

  • Missile silo has "select missiles" button

  • Fixed units sometimes being permanently disabled by lightning
  • Save/load now handles morph properly
  • Fixed Outlaw (and similar) sphere GFX not appearing underwater
  • Fixed lights being cut off when slightly offscreen
  • Fixed gaps in blocks of nanoframes started with Q
  • Athena no longer appears in gesture menu
  • Workaround campaign disappearing terraform bug: restore effects of initial non-building terraform on game load
  • Smarter parsing of disabled units string
  • Fixed various Lua errors appearing ingame

  • Mex placement widget can no longer be disabled (accidentally or otherwise)

Planetwars planets

Sea planets:

Juno: Bellicose Islands -> Shimmershore v1.0
Poseidon: IncultaV2wetV3
Vasuda: Paradise Lost v2 -> Columbia Basin 1.1

Ceres: Porky_Islands -> Sapphire Shores
Sagan: DeltaSiegeDry -> Bellicose Islands
Tegmine: Sierra -> Paradise Lost v2

Other planets:

Trantor: Quicksilver -> Downpour 1.1
Asellus: Tumult -> Otago 1.1
Slade: Ternion -> Cold Snap 2
Yggdrasil: Tombstone Desert -> TartarusV7
Alterf: StormSiege -> Gecko Isle 1
Chertan: Sapphire Shores -> TandemCraters
Xi: Charlie in the Hills -> Aetherian Void 1.6

(2v2 -> 3v3)
Gryphon: Desert Plateaus -> Charlie in the Hills
Shiva: Tabula
Carbine: Tartarus -> Sierra

Mu: HighGroundsDelta -> DeltaSiegeDry
Vectron: Emain Macha v3 -> Gehenna Rising 3

Columbia Basin
Gehenna Rising
Cold Snap
Aetherian Void
Gecko Isle

MOVED FROM 2v2 to 3v3:
Charlie in the Hills

Porky_Islands {feel it works better in large teams}
Emain Macha v3 {meh, needed a 3v3 spot}
Quicksilver {mildly asymmetric, performance issues?}
Desert Plateaus {asymmetric}
Ternion {super asymmetric}
Tumult {seems too big for 2v2}
StormSiege {seems too big for 2v2}
Tombstone Desert {disliked map?}
HighGroundsDelta {I remember having some issue with it in campaign}


  • Added autosave functionality

  • Added option to not automatically unpause the game in singleplayer when closing menu
  • Added a slider to scale healthbar size
  • Pregame building queue anti-spam: now limited to 30 buildings
  • Camera pan speed setting in main menu affects all camera types
  • Prettier loading bar

Main menu
  • Reorder options to be more easily readable
  • Tweak load game menu

  • Fixed game ending before start if someone quits
  • (Perhaps) fixed main menu blackout bug
  • Fixed Flux Amplifier damage bonuses
  • Misc. fixes

  • Updates to menu should be much smaller now

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fix Crab Commander.

I laughed way too much at this. This is why ZK is great.
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B-but why crab? It didn't move sideways. :-|
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