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PorcK teams

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14 months ago
Is it me, or does there never seem to be any raiding past "sniping the com", and rush mid+build porc?

Most my games I have played pretty ends up in a stalemate, while two sides build huge amounts of porc to stop the other team.

Discuss what you think about ZK gameplay porc-wise
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14 months ago
(edited 14 months ago)

Mobility vs. porc is a sliding scale that is adjusted based on the amount of free space and potential expansion on the map, and the power of the armies on each side.

What this means is that:
- On small maps porc will happen.
- On maps with chokes porc will happen
- When there are lots of players on each team porc will happen very early in the game

and that

- on large open maps porcing players will die slow
- on maps where opponents can see your porc and expand aggressively in response, porcing players will die slow
- in 1v1 porc may happen, but usually not to the exclusion of raids

Other things to think about:
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14 months ago
(edited 14 months ago)

You can maek d-fenz or you can play the game

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14 months ago
While at that, may I voice my opinion that this quote as pretty much the first manual line is a, mildly speaking, weird impression? Would anyone object to an "orthographication" (beyond reasons of conservatism)?
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