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Zero-K v1.6.3.5 - Sea and Rogue Fix

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2 years ago

The most noticeable features of this versions is a balance pass for sea and a fix for the Rogue buff. The projectile speed buff for Rogue was accidentally not applied due to a bug. This has been fixed. We've also made other fixes and balance changes, including engine stability fixes that are not listed here.


  • Cost 4K -> 5K
  • HP 12K -> 8K
  • Reload time 10s -> 15s (DPS 450 -> 300)

  • Cost 220 -> 240
  • Speed 3.2 -> 2.7
  • Damage 512 -> 234
  • Reduced spray angle and projectiles per shot.
  • Reload time (for each shotgun) 2.4s -> 2.0s
The weapon changes make its shotgun the same as that of a Scallop.

  • Slightly increased size.
  • Reload time 1.5s -> 2.0s
  • Range 330 -> 260
  • Damage 34 -> 35

  • Increased model and collision size by a bit less than 50%.

  • Damage 280 -> 200 per rocket.

  • Health 4000 -> 3750

  • Health 2500 -> 2000

  • Fixed the bug that prevented the projectile speed buff from 170 -> 200 taking effect.
  • Health 570 -> 580

  • Speed 3.9 -> 3.85
Note that Glaive had 3.8 speed and cost 65 metal this time last year.

Increased Gremlin DPS by 5.4%.

Tarantula buff:
  • Cost 400 -> 380.
  • Damage 220 -> 260.
  • Projectile velocity increased 22%.
It has much less DPS/cost than Vandal so the change is probably safe.

  • Health 650 -> 720
  • Possibly increased the spray angle of its bombs.

Early Engineer commander nerfs:
  • Level 1 buildpower 12 -> 10. Other levels are unchanged so you now consistently gain 2 BP per level up to 20.
  • Build range 250 -> 220 but with a bonus of +12 per level up to a maximum of 280.

Other commanders:
  • Build range 128 -> 144

Sight range buffs:
  • Dirtbag 300 -> 350
  • Mason 255 -> 273
  • Welder 280 -> 300

Added overkill prevention for Stinger and Grizzly.


  • Reduced Grizzly laser brightness.
  • Reduced some spider reply volumes.
  • Fixed some burst damage displays on the UI.
  • Moved HUD skin options to advanced options.
  • Selection rank now only inherits through commander morph.
  • Updated old avatars.
  • Fixed some units failing to fire at wrecks (such as Tremor).

Previous Versions

  • Locust fire angle 90 -> 135
  • Optimized Tremor.
  • Fixed Adv. Radar animation.
  • Fixed the double cloak cost bug.
  • Fixed Solar AI.
  • Fixed overhead icons for captured units.
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2 years ago
Now ships will be like everything else...
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Why the rouge HP buff? I never remember talking about rouge HP being a problem. Its always their inability to hit things that was. HP buff just makes it harder for their counters to kill them. Remove!

Edit: Realized it was 10 HP. lob lob
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Build range >>>>250<<<<(I assume this is a typo?) -> 220 but with a bonus of +12 per level up to a maximum of 280.

Other commanders:

Build range 128 -> 144

Does this mean other comms have more build range than the engie comm at level 1?
Goodbye eco con, your days of porcing are over.
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2 years ago
Some of the changes are ... questionable. (Rouge was already good, econ com was already bad, corsair was always countered by cutters)

Oh well. Time to abuse them until they fix it it becomes the new normal and everyone becomes fine with it being OP/useless.

PS: Please relabel Corsair as anti-heavy instead of riot (well it might not be anti-heavy anymore, because it looks completely useless, but oh well)
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2 years ago
No, at level 1 engie has 220 and everyone else has 144 so engie still has more at level 1.
At level 2, engie has 232 while everyone else has 144 etc.
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2 years ago
PLrankAdminSprung ohh...thanks. Read a change as a change in range.

CZrankpsaniac everything you said was wrong in that statement. Rouge was trash, eco con was the only one serious players used, corsair spam beat everything except for subs.
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The Corsair change is a bit less dramatic than it looks, especially against smaller targets. Previously the shotgun spread caused it to miss a fair bit, especially against smaller targets. Combined with the increase in Hunter and Cutter size, and the other nerfs to Cutter, it's probably better against those units than it was before.

(Also the Corsair reload time has gone down, not up.)
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2 years ago
A nerf to surface ships to put their cost-effectiveness closer to land units (but still stronger) is a good thing.

I think you've gone too far with it in some cases, though, namely shogun. It seems it's cost-effectiveness at the moment is similar to that of merlin, which is a land-based strider. Sea people will just spam envoys instead.

And the increase in ship sizes may seem visually wrong if they still have raider-like HP.
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I think Shogun is still significantly stronger than Merlin. It costs 25% more but has twice as much HP, and while they have similar theoretical DPS, Merlin misses a lot more.
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5000/3500 = 1.43, that's 43% more not 25.

Shogun's faster but much less maneuverable. It's also a big target.

Either way, envoys seem to be a much better investment.

A way to make battleships feel more like battleships without breaking balance is to make them stronger but considerably slower than the others.
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Right, I misremembered Merlin's cost. All the same, between Shogun's better range, speed and projectile velocity I do not see it being invalidated by Envoy. In fact I would say it probably counters Envoy while being less efficient as a bombardment option, which doesn't seem like a terrible place for Shogun to be.

Making Shogun slower and more powerful is a direction the unit could go, though.
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Shogun and Reef could have fundamentally different weights.

Currently, land striders have three and a half tiers of growth:
Basic striders - dante, scorpion, merlin
Intermediate striders - funnelweb, also merlin because you rarely make merlin before dante
Paladin tier
Detriment tier

Sea striders (before the last change) were all basic-tier, and then the amphibious Detriment which is Detriment tier.

So, what if Shogun was Paladin of the seas? Or idk, maybe some version of Reef could do that.
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2 years ago
Shogun was Paladin of the sea. :cry:
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Shogun was Paladin in everything but the cost!

That said, maybe it could also get an activable weapon.
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