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Hit&run artillery

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Many various tactics of modern weapon are presented in zero-k, but I don't see an analogue of BM-21 Grad or its WWII predecessor Katyusha.

Further I consider what a thing was Katyusha in comparison with ordinary artillery that is presented in zero-k in form of
emissary. Tactical characteristics:

* shorter range
* low accuracy - density of fire on large area is tunable with count of units
* long reload time
* high mobility
* little cheaper, machine was significantly cheaper but ammo was more expensive
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6 months ago
Merlin fits that pretty well except that it has the one of the longest ranges of any mobile artillery piece.

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By the way, such concept would probably be too good at kiting in Zero-K.
If mobility was really high and price was cheap, it would be really hard to deal with as it could advance, fire a salvo and then quickly retreat behind friendly lines. Skirmishing artillery in the form of Merlin, Firewalker, Lance and even Emissaries are really strong already.
You would need to present some downsides to using such a skirmishing artillery compared to the other artillery pieces.
Edit: Important thing is also how it interacts with skirmishers.
If this rocket artillery has like 600-800 range it will basically be a really good skirmisher while losing to other longer range skirmishing artillery.
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Soooo a Recluse on a Surfboat?

@edit: actually thinking about it a Revenant already does similar thing. It appears, ruins your day with rocket salvo then dies trying to get away.

@edit2: Why forums say there's more posts than there actually are? It says there are 4 when actually there are 3. Does it count edits as well or something?

@edit3: Nope, edits are not it.
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6 months ago
We had this at one point. It was deemed cancerous. See my video on "pillager is skirmisher."
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6 months ago
this is Lance, really

> Kinda fast
> Paper armor
> Shorter range than many other artilleries
> Long reload, but insane burst

Ofc it doesn't have the inaccuracy part. Which could be interesting, tbh.

There are two types of inaccuracy in ZK:
- Inaccuracy against mobile targets (e.g. slow projectiles).
- Inaccuracy against everything (e.g. built-in projectile spread, can't even hit a static)

There are burst artilleries in ZK that are accurate against mobiles - most of them, tbh - and there are reasonably high fire rate artilleries that are inaccurate against mobiles, but are accurate against statics (impaler, sling).

Burst artillery that is accurate against statics but inaccurate against mobiles is represented only by SLAM. So ... maybe there's room for a SLAM unit of some sort.
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What about making it shoot puppies which it has to build with a low BP beam?
(or some puppy-level missiles)
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6 months ago
To simulate the high ammo cost

So it could basically be a moderately precise puppy catapult
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