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Trigger-hapy bans up to 2020 by sprung

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While my account is definitely not banned [citation needed] as I am writing here, while trying to connect to lobby i get "cannot reach" error, with info about being dropped from 8200 port of zero-k infrastructure.

I believe it is result of trigger-happy banning made by Sprung on lobby today (for trivial reasons of using @everyone na chat) - it banned few quite popular VPNs, including the one I am using. The fact that I wasn't able to even login on forum to post about the issue, is the message I am getting from forum if using regular IP:

"You are banned! (IP match to account <censored>)
Ban expires: 2/18/2020 7:18:49 PM UTC
Reason: Smurf

Will be glad for unbanning. Also, bans up to 2020 that make you unable to use forum and report (miss?)use of bans, feels very unprofessional. I don't care much about chat, but removing from game for such trivial reasons would seem kind of strange in times of 250+ players online, and feel triple as much lame now.


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Bump, so it doesn't disappear under pile of (whining about) fleas.

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Your main account was accidentally affected when I banned your mute-dodging smurf. I've fixed this (the smurf is still banned but your main is not). If you don't want this to happen then maybe consider not creating mute-dodging smurfs.

Your mute stays until the @mention feature gets fixed since you willingly abused it (including on the smurf) despite my warnings and, more importantly, common decency (you ignored multiple complaints from various players immediately after somebody else used it earlier).
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6 months ago
Impeach the admins!
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6 months ago
I've managed to make the Discord relay unable to use @mentions. Your mute is over, enjoy the weekend clusters.
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6 months ago
Don't tell me @ abuse still exists!
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PLrankCatLady please have a week off the forum to get familiar with this checkbox
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50 days ago
Damn it! Now I am going to have to change my vote.
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50 days ago
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