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Engine update to Spring 104.0.1-1239

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2 years ago
It is time for another engine update. We have recently experienced trouble updating, but, after running some multiplayer tests, this update has a decent chance at success. Due to the time between updates there are more notable changes than usual.
  • Saved games now compress the entire game state, instead of saving only a few key attributes. This vastly improves the accuracy of saved games. Old saves should still work.
  • The bug which caused commands to sometimes disappear in long FFA games has been resolved.
  • A pathfinding bug relating to skipping waypoints was fixed. This improves the pathing of groups of units around corners.
  • A desync related to the game mysteriously misplacing files may be resolved.
  • Various graphics related crashes have been resolved.
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2 years ago
Also AI teams can be added and removed during the game again. This lead to crashes previously and could be used as an exploit to crash everybody but yourself in a multiplayer game.
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So that's what the super secret meta nuke was. Nice to see ffa loosing commands super late getting addressed, I only experienced it once, and it was super annoying to everyone in game.
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2 years ago
Greetings and congratulations for the work done.
I could help you in some ways to improve this marvellous project, even if I still not catch how to play with efficiently ^^

I got an issue either in skirmish mode than campaign mode, no way to play :{
In skirmish I got a draw once starting position selected and in campaign mode I got a "READY" displayed and that is all :{

I emptied the "cache" folder but I got nothing more than the situation described above.

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2 years ago
Does this fix custom hosts and custom settings?
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2 years ago
BErankhurukan the most likely thing is that you are using a portable ZK that has failed to update the game files, but which has updated the engine. The latest engine broke backwards compatibility. Send an infolog, tell us your OS and how you installed ZK. Deleting games, packages, and pool should resolve the issue.

DErankChesti I am not aware of any such issue.
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2 years ago
I installed the portable version on a different folder... now it works.
Sorry for the lateness of reaction... the works of all involved in this project are great !!

I'm just a little disappointed in coop mode or 1vs1 mode, when the commander is killed we have no particular XP points given :{
We just need a medal "commander killer" to balance ^^

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