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Clan page layout and more

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im trying to make the clan background image(the one on the right) take up as much of the page as possible.
for example you see this image is nice and large , its nicely fitting the page etc.; https://zero-k.info/Clans/Detail/465
whereas the image i put is looking miserably tiny and i cant center it or otherwise control its position; https://zero-k.info/Clans/Detail/2147 .

help me df

also if someone can give directions on how to make a script with the function of changing the clan's secret topic daily and randomly picking from a set of texts, please do direct me


ps. no i didnt post on forum for the first just to show off my fancy dark blue, /s

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8 days ago
I think that changing the daily topic for the clan is not yet a feature in the forums.
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7 days ago
does that mean it cant be done ?

can you tell me what your clan's image resolution is? im thinking maybe urs is taking more space because its simple a larger picture
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7 days ago
looks like his image is actually smaller than yours. Try spliting the public text into more lines so the image has more space to take up?
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7 days ago
it worked
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7 days ago
Careful, not everyone has a 500x500 clan image, and u dont want pixel stretching.
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