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Question about shield mechanics

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5 months ago
Why did the following happen?

Three units are in the same line, in this order: my Pyro, an enemy Convict with shields, and behind it a Mason (outside of the shiled). When I attacked both units with the Pyro, the Mason took reduced damage until the Convict's shield was depleted.
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Cannot reproduce.

Edit: The issue is that "attack both units" is not a thing that can be done, and just left the decision up to target priorities. When you specify that the Mason is attacked I get the following:
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My question was why does the shield reduce the damage to the unit behind. Even if I move the pyro under the shield. I cannot measure it, but if I select the unit behind (mason in this instance), it's health bar seems to reduce faster, after the Convict's shield is depleted.

The first test I did was some time ago, but tried again now, and it still seems to be the case
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5 months ago
I also got it to happen with Bandit, but someone the replay is not showing up. Link your replay.
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I used builders because they cannot shoot back. I guess it is the same with all shields. Any unit can be placed in the Mason's stead, too. I shall link a replay if someone helps me.

Edit: I tried to reproduce with gauss, both turret and Dagger, but shields stop the projectile completely.
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Pyro projectile is internally an invisible Bandit-like "laser" projectile that should also be completely stopped by shields.

The flame effect is just a particle effect to make it look like fire.

The flame particle effect also moves alongside the direction of shot, and is purely visual, so it's not stopped by shields; this means that visually, the last instance of the flame effect particle spawned often goes through the shield.

But it shouldn't do damage.
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5 months ago
I tested this further, and now I am utterly confused.

I had an idea, that the direct damage gets blocked by the shields, and only the afterburn takes effect on the unit behind, but this is certainly NOT the case.

Attacking single shieldbots (Convict and Thug) with Pyro:
The shieldbots began to take health damage at different shield levels, sometimes immediately, sometimes at about 60% to 50%.
The afterburn also took effect at different shield levels, but at 40% it was always present.
I tried multiple times both on Thugs and Convicts, and the results were inconsistent on both.

Recon and Guardian Commanders with flamethrower upgrade:
For the first time I could not reproduce the damage to the last unit (Mason), however it was with Commander flamethrowers with 8 range upgrades.
With the similar setting as in the image above, but adding 1 more shieldbot horizonrally (shields did not overlap), the Recon commander did no damage to the Mason.
Guardian Commander with dual flametrhowers never did damage to the unit behind the shieldbot in my test, only after the shield was depleted.

Adding multiple shieldbots:
Tested with Pyro, Thug, and Mason
I had one setup as the image above (except a Thug was in the Convict's place), and one similar, but with 3 Thugs vertically, close as possible to each other. And a Mason behind horizontally, like in the image. Paused the game and ordered the Pyros to attack the Masons, then unpaused. The Mason behind the 3 Thugs took more damage and died sooner than the one behind the single Thug.
I tested this only once.

All was done in singleplayer skirmish with cheats. Map: Daybreak Canyon 1.1

The previous test were on Titan Duel 2.2
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5 months ago
The flame component appears to be redundant. I previously reproduced this with Bandits shooting through shields.
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5 months ago
I 'found' my replay. It just looked like an empty replay taken almost an hour before I recalled investigating the bug. Reported: https://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=6281
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5 months ago
I've still seen mass merlin fire pierce funnelweb shields before shield are depleted. That's already been fixed once before, it could be a thing for all shields, but it's practically unnoticeable.
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5 months ago
I see.

I was experimenting with flamethrower and gauss, because they have the "piercing" ability. Gauss projectiles are stopped by shields, but flames ALWAYS go through, at least visually.
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