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7 months ago
Using steam link, one can play zero-k... on your phone! It's a little janky, but as the pioneer, here is a config to help you!

I'm working on a better config, but for now this works.. kinda.
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great work! meanwhile ill port it to brail for the vision impaired

^ first version .. as you can feel/see middle is getting trashed by flea spam
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7 months ago

Buttons. >.<
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7 months ago
Great idea! Thinking best is to use such a thing in spec-k type of game (or someone should add a turn based mod).
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being edited WIP

ill play a turn based game with you where we can attack metal site forts

RULE 1 ..mex sites to turn zerok into a cell based game
..you can only build structures including mex and porc inside a pylons range
each pylon site base can only support 1 pylon

RULE 2 ..wave attacks to turn zerok into a turn based game
..expand to and then fortify a new pylon site each turn
a pylon site is the area inside a pylons range
you are allowed to grab a mex/geo if you can link it with 1 extra solar from the edge of the pylon site
you may start with a pylon site

each attack is a wave attack and includes cons, air or even nukes or bertha fire
any attack or reinforcement is done only once per turn and a turn is at the end of each 10 minute game time passing
the attack may last aslong as the units that began the attack are the only ones used

... so .. if i make a nuke silo to attack an enemy pylon site i can use that forever to attack that same site.. ..attacking with a new unit reinforcement will use a new turn and would need to be part of a new wave of units..

so a base is safe killing off a few remaining attackers until each 10 minute game time has gone by.. then a new wave of artillery fire or nukes.. or maybe an army with cons might attack

you are allowed to rebuild forts including a pylon with local cons that survived the wave

you can only send your army as a wave.. no rally or trickle of unit reinforcements all units must stay together

air is allowed to return to rearm and works like nuke or bertha.. it can keep attacking the same target pylon site forever but if you make new planes they cant be used in an old wave

played on a small map with less mex sites
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7 months ago
That's some good shit you're having AUrankSmokeDragon
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7 months ago
im going to need to boil it down to 2 rules explained in 2 sentences so its simple to understand as a game mode.. but im too sleepy to refine it now because its 4 am and its time to feed (howls at the moon)
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ok this is the simple version..

game mode is called 'battle chess'

you may take half the mex on the map with cons and eco as you wish
you may make an army and defenses but cannot attack only defend
(except you can always attack at anytime with ,,cons/scouts/porc/missiles/air/striders,,)

after 10 minutes and every 10 minutes after you can send an army to attack the enemy commander or base..
(except you can always attack at anytime with ,,cons/scouts/porc/missiles/air/striders,,)
if you loose the commander you loose the game

armies must be sent as a wave and you cannot reinforce them over time

WARNING only play with those who wont cheat


porc = statics ~ including bertha
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