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Clanwars Event

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22 days ago
On Saturday 20th June (tomorrow as of this post) at 20:00 UTC there will be a CLANWARS event.

Participants: 1TR, ADVENT, AtoSen, MC

The format is round robin, followed by a FFA after-party.

If you would like to play, contact a member of the clan you would like to play with on Discord, lobby DMs or the lobby #clanwars channel.

If you just show up at the designated time without making an RSVP you will likely get to play but this is not guaranteed.
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22 days ago
I think it might be an idea for individuals to confirm attendance on this thread as before.

I will attend!
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22 days ago
Not everyone who has rsvp'd will reply on this thread. But if you haven't, this thread is an ok way to get noticed as well as any other mentioned method.

I'll be there.
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22 days ago
ADVENT has the following users right now:

- USrankShaman (maybe)
- FIrankEhal45
- FIranksprang (maybe)
- PLrankSparkezelPL (possibly, tech issues)

We're more than likely to join another clan to combat 1TR who has 10+ members right now.
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22 days ago
I can only attend for at most one game, unfortunately. I should have more information closer to the time.
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22 days ago
I will be present!
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22 days ago
yeah yeah
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22 days ago
I will probably join as a merc.
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LVrankSenaven please attend. I (we) love your accent and humour.

And join Mumble already!
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21 days ago
Mumble map choice

Into Battle v4
Invult V2
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21 days ago
1TR Map Picks:

Sapphire Shores Dry V2.2

Titan v3.1 (the team one)

Highway 95 v6
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21 days ago
ADVENT picks:

- Astral Valley v1.0
- Fields of Isis
- Insular Encounter 0.81
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21 days ago
ATOSEN's picks :

Absolution 2

Izki Channel v1.0

White Rabbit v2.1
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I think this is a great event to give a break from the typical lobster-pot.

Can I make a few suggestions for next time?

1) Specify team sizes/limits (maybe 6v6 max, down to 4v4 min?)

2) Predetermine a map list, and specify how maps will be picked

3) Specify how and when mercs can be used

4) Determine whether multiple battles will occur simultaneously, or one at a time.

5) (Most important) Have an organizer in each clan-wars room with boss rights to move players around and explain what's happening.

Just a few thoughts. Thank you :)
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Thanks everyone for joinning

The event was a little messy to say the least, but nonetheless the fun was there !:9
We are working on a well structured event for the next clan wars to be fun and deliver on peoples expectations

Thank you CArankAdminShadowfury333 for casting

here are the replays from today
see you next time :D

Multiplayer B912524 14 on BananaValley
Multiplayer B912544 21 on Titan v3.1
Multiplayer B912563 10 on Banana Republic v1.0.1
Multiplayer B912588 21 on Industrial Revolution v1
Multiplayer B912610 17 on IncultaV2
Multiplayer B912647 19 on Dworld_V1

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20 days ago
The event was a little messy to say the least

well, look at the playercount. pot-worthy.
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18 days ago
Maybe the next clan event could be squads of 4 join the matchmaker simultaneously and we count the wins at the end of each clan?

To try something different from clanlobpot.
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18 days ago
I thought of creating a MP campaign with 12 - 18 player rounds.
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