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Zero-K 2020 Map Update

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To be released Saturday 17th October.

Massive thanks to my QA/support team DErankManu12, GBrankPRO_rANDY, EErankAdminAnarchid, ITrankThomas1, and other minor participants. Thanks to AUrankAdminAquanim and the map making community for answering all of my questions over the last 3 weeks whilst I was learning to make maps. Additional thanks to EErankAdminAnarchid again for helping to push the bounds even further beyond with Scaryland.

Individual map links:

Desert Rumble
Prestige Arena
Jurassic Sands
Sparkles Reef

Maps best played with Graphics settings -> Map exterior -> Cutout. Any problems with the maps please report them directly to me.

Have a great time playing. I want to see all your best replays, especially the 3v3s!

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Well, I haven't been quite that busy, but a few more maps for the pool:

Anvilwood has most of the sustainable metal production on the ridge along the bottom and left sides of the map, but make sure you get your fair share of the rocks in the middle of the map to jump-start your economy.

Cobalt Dream is a diagonal-starts rectangular flat map similar to Alien Desert, but with metal distribution and heightmap a little more like Red Comet. It's fairly hot off the press and its texture and precise metal distribution might still need some tweaks.
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12 days ago
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12 days ago
thats an outragously impressive-looking post
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12 days ago
What is the map equivalent of spitting fire?
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12 days ago
Why isn't it on r/RealTimeStrategy yet? Someone recently called ZK dead there.
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12 days ago
Great presentation!
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