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2nd Zero-K 1v1 Weekly Tournament January 9th 2021

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Zero-K 1v1 Weekly Tournament January 9th 2021

Hello and welcome back to the second week of Lobster Roll weeklies!


Signup link is here.

Tournament starts at 19:00 UST.

PLEASE READ HOW TO USE SMASH GG BEFORE YOUR MATCHES COME UP. It, along with the rules on the smashgg homepage, will save you when you'd otherwise be confused and asking admins what to do when it's time to check into your match.

SmashGG also delayed our ruleset request, so we will be doing things in match chat again this week (same as last week's procedure)

Rules and such are on the SmashGG tournament homepage.

Hopefully less DQs this time. Several issues from last weeks post have been addressed already or are being addressed currently.


Lobster Roll Weekly Discord joining is mandatory this time around. Go ahead and join us to get the latest news here. SmashGG will ask you during signup to verify that you have joined the discord and to link your discord to your SmashGG account.

Other Important Links:

Link to the points tracker spreadsheet

Link to last weeks ZK tourney post
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Sadly I will not be free to cast this. I got hired to do another event for a different game this weekend before this series even started.
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11 days ago
No problem, I'll probably just stream it.
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10 days ago
I'm in!
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9 days ago
Just realised 19:00 is 6:00 AM here in australia.

I don't think I'll be able to attend.
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9 days ago
Last call for signups. Tourney starts at 19:00UST.
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Decent tournament, the map pool and map selection process were both pretty bad though imo.

Map Pool: The first map pool was just really samey. You had both red comet and CCR which are pretty flat macro maps, and then you had Valles Marineris which is much less flat but is still a huge macro map. That's not much variety. The second map pool had the opposite problem. You have a hard sea map in Izki, a small cheesy map in Gecko Isle, and a normalish but small and very mountainous map in Obsidian. No maps that really offer a normal game.

Map selection process: Determining which player bans based on seed is pretty bad, it should be randomized. Smash.gg might not support that with unsupported games like Zero-K, but it should be pretty simple for players to do a dice roll themselves or something. Could add a bot to the discord for that if need be. Also 3 maps is just a very small selection to begin with. You'd be better off having a much larger pool of maps and making them consistent throughout the whole tournament. Smash generally uses 5 starter maps but I think we'd probably want more than that. Probably something like 9 maps each week, rotated from the entire 1v1 map pool. Pick/ban with that amount would be something like player 1 picks 3 maps, player 2 picks one of the 3 (p3p1 map selection). Map pool for a given week could be something like

Red Comet
Sparkles Reef
Valles Marineris

Map pool should avoid 3 maps that are very similar to each other and be generally pretty varied.
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8 days ago
Might just be me but I thought the map pools were fairly OK. IMO I really don't want to see a lot of very/semi flat maps, I'd rather have unique ones, from both a player's and commentator's perspective. Super flat maps are very boring to play on (you get skirmisher rushed etc, super cheese) and they're also boring to commentate (I would never want to spend an hour commentating over a game that has inevitably resulted in an artillery war).

Bigger map pools are coming, though. Also, our smashGG ruleset request got denied, so we're stuck with doing map selection manually for now.
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Dregs and I played the "finals" best of 3 yesterday, but didn't realise that as I won it coming from the lower bracket, this should have resulted in a second BO3, therefore we will play the second set tomorrow, I guess similar time to yesterday's set (~3pm GMT/UTC) if people want to spectate. I'll stream my POV again on my channel www.twitch.tv/randy_uk and if you want to watch the video of the first finals set it can be found here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/868475622 (some parts have been muted due to music).
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5 days ago
Here is the second BO3 vod from my POV https://www.twitch.tv/videos/871955831

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4 days ago
can you change the time so that it suits players in Asia more?
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3 days ago
i guess since the usual schedules are targeted towards the majority of players (aka europe), a touney for the asians/australians wouldn`t be a bad idea from time to time...
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3 days ago
Super flat maps are very boring to play on (you get skirmisher rushed etc, super cheese) and they're also boring to commentate (I would never want to spend an hour commentating over a game that has inevitably resulted in an artillery war).

try CCR or inculta from time to time. i promise you there will be no arty and the gameplay is quite different to smaller maps.
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3 days ago
Times will change slightly soon to adjust for Asia players (probably after this week)
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