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Auto map vote on !exit

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Please stop the auto map vote from happening on !exit. WE DON'T WANT TO CHANGE MAP.
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15 days ago
Instead of removing it, an option to not change map should be added to the poll.
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14 days ago
I agree. Plenty often, people don't want to change map, and though the option is nice, it can be slightly inconvenient when forced to happen. So an option to not change would be very nice QoL.
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11 days ago
Auto host should not be a rush to finish unloading current match / rush to type out commands. Putting it to a vote is simply put the fairest outcome possible when compared to the other two options of keeping it as is (denying players a preferred outcome when exiting for someone else on a map they like) or removing it (opening up the host to be hijacked temporarily by whoever unloads + types out a command first). I do not see any value in the latter as a solution as it trusts whoever unloads+types first to uphold the interest of the majority instead of doing whatever they want. It is in this case that we see two abuse situations unfold:

1.) Someone new joins a game that was exited to change map and calls a start vote or someone snipes start because it will cause a waste of time in people who may not want to play the map.
2.) Someone decides that instead of staying on the same map (they dislike) they're going to take this opportunity to call !map in order to snipe the game and prevent themselves from having to play that game.

Both of these situations are prevented by having the map poll have "stay on current map" option on exit.
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Both of these situations are prevented by having the map poll have "stay on current map" option on exit.

I think a PR would be welcome for something along these lines (though there might need to be debate about some details). I think at some point I poked around and decided the change required to the code to make this happen was not trivial enough for the dev-mana I had available.
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Is there a reason why there may only be 1 vote at the same time?

Also why cant map votes be cumulative?


player 1: !map isis

System: Do you want to change the map to Fields of Isis? y/n

player a: !y
player b: !y
player c: !n

System: Do you want to change the map to Fields of Isis 2 y / 1n

player 2: !map comet

System: Do youw ant to change the map? Fields of isis 2, Comet Catcher 1, Keep map 1

player d: !vote 2
player e: !vote 1

System: Do you want to change the map? Fields of isis 3, Comet Catcher 2, Keep map 1

Something like this. Should also allow for salvageing and re- useing of most already existing code.
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Should also allow for salvageing and re- useing of most already existing code.

I think you'd have to modify an awful lot of code, in both the server and lobby, to make this work. A "keep current map" or "reroll the map poll" option in map votes (according to circumstances) would be considerably easier.
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In other words, a system of votes that will plop up maps according to "!map Xyz" by users each time we use the command with a limit of 5-6.

This way we give users the chance to choose the map types and at the same time, we don't force players to play on specific randomly chosen 1 vs 1 map or still 1 vs 1 map but those are for team games.

1. Game Ends
2. Map voting system doesn't start if we don't have anyone voting "!map XYZ".
3. First player hits "!map mecharavaged", the map will plop up as a voting option. The 20-second timer starts that will result in a "!start" automatic vote by the system.
4. Second player hits "!map violet", and the map will appear as the second option for voting.
5. Third player hits "!map icyrun v2", and the third map will appear as an option for voting.
6. Fourth player hits "!map ...
7. Fifth player hits "!map ...
8. Sixt player hits "!map ...
9. The maxed out "!map vote system is stopped since it reached the limit.
10. After 19 seconds the most votes for the specified map will be chosen automatically.
11. Game starts.

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I understand what DErankSnowlob said. I am telling you that it is not going to be trivial to implement, in the context of the current rate at which infrastructure dev work gets done.
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AUrankAdminAquanim, where can I see the code for the voting system? Maybe Il give it a try as a newbie in luaui. The problem that I can see here is related to UI interface when making the votes appear step by step near to each other.
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10 days ago
The difficulty will be in modifying the C# code running on the server which controls polls; I think this file is related to it, but there are several others that will be relevant:

The lua code in the lobby which displays the votes to the user is relatively easy to modify.
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