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Zero-K v1.11.6.5 - Sudden Death

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12 months ago
This is mostly a small fixes update for the previous patch. It has a few balance chanegs and features though. Most notable are a slight Redback nerf and a sudden death mode. The sudden death mode might see use in the upcoming tournament to put a cap on very long games, but we are still waiting to see what people think of it. In any case, it seems like a useful mode to have.


Redback is worse at dodging projectiles.
  • Increased collision shape width by 11% and length by 25%.
  • Reduced turn rate by 5%.

Ogre now ignores terrain and wrecks when aiming and firing. It has sufficient AoE and arc for making the attempt to often be beneficial.

Zeno now homes onto the actual position of a radar target earlier - early enough to hit it.


  • Holding Alt while selecting units now filters out rank 3 (ie army units).
  • Added a sudden death mode game option, under Map. It causes the game to end shortly after a specified time via a contracting death circle.


  • Fixed a missile impact indicator error.
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue to do with construction orders on terrible terrain.
  • Tactical missiles no longer have inconsistent half-prediction of enemy velocity. They now fire exactly where they are aimed.
  • Fixed contrast adaptive sharpening scaling with zoom level.
  • Fixed moderator tooltip colour in the lobby.
  • Improved Pylon collision and selection volumes.
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12 months ago
How can I set it up such that Alt+select selects all battle units excluding commanders? It seems like I cannot change the commander selection rank nor the exclusion of rank 3. So, do I have to manually set all battle units to rank 2 and everything else to rank 1? Will my selections then ignore new units added by mods or patches? If I could somehow deactivate the exclusion of rank 3 and set all commanders' selection ranks to 2 (even for modded coms), that would be perfect.
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12 months ago
You can manually alter any unit's selection rank on the fly with an option toggle. https://zero-k.info/mediawiki/Selection#Selection_Rank

You might misunderstand. Default behavior is to drag a box and select all combat units if any exist in box selection(tier 3). This new option allows you to hold alt while doing a box select, and it 'inverts' the selection of units, so now if any combat units exist in the box select, they are NOT selected and all lower priority units (rank 1 and 2) are selected. This allows a player to easily do a not action with a mouse and 1 keyboard modifier. Of course, all the default behavior has been unmodified, so this patch shouldn't affect any pre-patch selection behavior. Besides that, I don't understand any new reason to be shifting combat ranks. Don't forget, SHIFT applies the and operator to the selection, meaning all units rank 1-3 get selected, and rank 0 is the special invisible rank that gets filtered out of most selection actions.
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12 months ago
Ah, so the default is to have the option "Only filter when Alt is held" deactivated. I had it activated so normal selection didn't filter and Alt+select applied normal filter which now strangely applies "negated filter". By deactivating it, holding Alt gives me the choice between filter and negated filter. I'm now using Ctrl+select for unfiltered selection and have managed to set the commander's selection rank default state to 2. I was confused because the commander's default states are not accessible through the space+click menu, but they are actually there under Default States/Misc. So everything should be fine for me now :). Thanks for the wiki link.
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Well, my bluff has been called so I'll make a quick stable. You are supposed to be able to set the threshold for Alt interting under Settings/Interface/Selection, with a value of three disabling the feature (because inverting everything above rank 3 is a noop). I forgot to add it to the options list though, but didn't want to make a whole stable because perhaps nobody would notice.


So ZK v1.11.6.6 is out.
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12 months ago
That's great, thanks! :)
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