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everything can everything

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ON HOLD.. just until i can wrap my head around editing custom defs

WIP new mod to give all units every skill..

have you ever wanted shielded jumping cloakable starlights that can climb walls and go under-water?
no you say.. well too bad because as soon as my fingers work again im going to do a replace all by indexed keywords and give every unit everything.. so far i have indexed all units and collected all attribute keywords..and i have tested the game loads so not much work left stay tuned.

current task: list all units with dgun
pre build: 95%
pre build test: 0%
build: 0%
test: 0%
fix: 0%

here is a sneak peek but dont! open it there is far too much text

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nevermind i somehow did not find this https://zero-k.info/mediawiki/index.php?title=Mod_Creation

please just ignore me getting overwhelmed
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also: up next: everything can nothing.

a funny modification would be, that everything that dies does an explosion. damage/splash radius corresponds to metal of deaded unit.
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sorry i can do requests but first im stuck on how to implement changes outside of unit defs and thats priority at the moment.. im taking a day or two off then ill solve that and finish this mod + fix quad mod coms so they can morph and explosions look correct

i have made your mod already but i need to finish it up.. custom param goo massive drain + local area + cheap, modified invisible unit auto self destruct with 0 timer, custom param aoe + damage + wreck spawn same value as wreck eaten

sorry i cant finish your mod request without a batch mod requiring edits to custom defs and i lack the ability to do this currently
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