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everything can everything

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nevermind i somehow did not find this https://zero-k.info/mediawiki/index.php?title=Mod_Creation

please just ignore me getting overwhelmed
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also: up next: everything can nothing.

a funny modification would be, that everything that dies does an explosion. damage/splash radius corresponds to metal of deaded unit.
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sorry i can do requests but first im stuck on how to implement changes outside of unit defs and thats priority at the moment.. im taking a day or two off then ill solve that and finish this mod + fix quad mod coms so they can morph and explosions look correct

i have made your mod already but i need to finish it up.. custom param goo massive drain + local area + cheap, modified invisible unit auto self destruct with 0 timer, custom param aoe + damage + wreck spawn same value as wreck eaten

sorry i cant finish your mod request without a batch mod requiring edits to custom defs and i lack the ability to do this currently
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i finished this but it crashes the game with a too much memory used..

i will need to look into json files now to complete the project

in the meantime here is the maximum i can place in a mod as a sneak preview:

it makes no sense because aa cant target them but if i make aa able to target them aa is super op

everything can fly:


i decided not to include statics or i would need to make them fly around and they too would be op
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40 days ago
From the text 33% seem to be spaces. If the crash is related to the text size (encoded or decoded) you could try to just remove all the spaces and check if it works.
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40 days ago
Suggestion: Try posting code using triple braces
instead of [q].
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thanks i normally do but i was sleepy

oh ok good idea i forget spaces add extra code

im reworking the mod tonight
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