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[May 11] 3v3 FW Tournament

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DateMay 11
Time18:00 UTC
Format 3v3 swiss

Hello all! We're going to have a future wars tournament on Saturday May 4th! With the addition of new tools in the arsenal, balancing is once again needed. Bring your friends for some 3v3 fun! I'm expecting a small turnout (maybe 5-6 teams) so in all likelihood this will just be 1-3 matches each round, depending on match length and turn out. Ideally this would be about 2-3 hours in length. This event is geared to be super casual. You're encouraged to sign up just for the games and hanging out.

1. For teams with an average whr under 2100, a handicap of 10% per 300 whr difference will be applied. The spirit of this is to create not-completely one sided matches agianst the big high skill stacks.
2. No poor sportsmanship: don't make enemy team hunt down units, or purposefully draw out games well past the point of a viable come back.
3. Loser picks next map. Non-pool maps can be picked with consent from both teams.

This event will be streamed with an open panel over on the FW discord. Stream etiquette is simple: don't talk over people (few times here and there is fine.. just don't make a habit of it), no edgey commentary, etc.

Map Pool
Titan Duel
Akilon Wastes
Mithril Mountain
Ice scream
Daybreak Canyon
Into battle
Lowland Crossing
Icy Shell
Folsom Dam
Frozen Fortress
Fields of Isis
Blue Bend
Conquest of Paradise

Map pool suggestions welcome.

Sign ups

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Looking for team

Due to super low turn out, this has been postponed to next week.
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57 days ago
i would love to join unfortunately i dont have 2 friends who play FW so could i, like be put in ateam should they need another and agree to it?
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57 days ago
Also newest Version?
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57 days ago
Put me down as a tentative joiner, should someone need a third. It's very early in the morning for me though so I might not make it.
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56 days ago
Yeah latest version as always. I'll keep things minimal on the changes.
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50 days ago
I’m down to join!
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50 days ago
Yay! We have enough people for.. 1 whole team! Maybe this should be booted to next week? Or should we just call it an organized team game instead? :/ Was kinda expecting a few more people.. perhaps we could bump it down to 2v2?
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49 days ago
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49 days ago
im fine with playing a 2v2 torney or maybe some ffa? prob should do some advertisment so people realize it taking place
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49 days ago
Shaman you can try hosting events in my server, I have a whole channel for pulling people to this kind of stuff. Since not a lot of active players check forums for events
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49 days ago
also here for a team
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