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David vs Goliath: Rovers vs Tanks

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5 days ago
Gna use this thread to post my progress on doing david vs goliath.

So far, my plan is to use rover's superior speed to expand fast, then destroy the enemy's tank army with air units. Then dominate the player with tank switch.

Current progress:
https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1949987 (fail)
https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1949996 (out of my league)
https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1950006 (good opener, no follow up)

Most recent lessons:
- One scorcher cannot beat a kodachi, I need two scorchers.
- Fencers are effective at fencing off kodachis
- 3 scorchers and 2 fencers can distract the opponent
- Keep scorchers and fencers at same movespeed by command
- A single dominatrix is enough to protect the base
- Learn a way to followup the opening

To anyone who will say that tanks are better to rovers, I will say the same desparate message I spammed in all caps in the lobby.
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David vs Goliath,
pretty funny description, Goliath is the old name of Cyclops.

You can technically kill a kodachi with a scorcher with extreme micro, but this takes an somewhat long amount of time to accomplish, you would be missing out on other tasks in 1v1.
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5 days ago
Dart is the secret weapon early game against kodachi until you get rippers out; 1 dart + 1 scorcher used well kills one kodachi; the dart dies but the scorcher survives to be repaired. The two big problems are blitz, which universally kill rover if they can't get a solid economic advantage, and ogre, which force dominatrix from rover.
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Blitz vs ravager is favorable to rover, at scale. If the blitz can use it's full maneuverability then they can win. It's best to limit this with a few fencers or rippres, which will do well in a mix against blitz...

and blitz is just not good against so many other things

Ravagers have much better hp and dps for cost than tanks. Careful retreating of damaged units to prevent losses will allow them to overpower tanks. This means singling out one tank at a time to kill, and committing to it.

Since tanks still move at a decent pace, for retreat, it's often very useful to make a silo for slow/emp to force favorable engagements against them. I would guess that 10 slowed minotaur would lose badly to 1/4 their cost in ravagers.
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