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Summarise your ideal balance changes

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5 years ago
It would be cool to be able to see everyone's wishlist in a quick glance. So...

In one post or less :) summarise the balance or unit changes you would like to see in the game. Please just one post each... debate elsewhere, edit for changes.

Static aa - hp buff
Bombers(all) - more hp, higher altitude
Shadows - remove dive, add tracking weapon, damage nerf
Puppy - Greygoo produce is multiplied by 2, 20% damage nerf
Felon - Range nerf to 370. HP increase.
Blastwing - 5 x weight increase, wasay more debris and aoe, hp nerf.
Move half of com income to factory
Experiment - Double com class bonuses, double com class nerfs, to make more varied com designs. Eg. recon com is actually FAST
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For the most part ZK balance seems to be in a relatively awesome state. If I had to make a list of changes I would like to see, it wouldn't be very long. So here are two things:

1)Slight Rocko HP nerf to allow for more counterplay against the unit and diversify cloakybot gameplay to include more zeus and perhaps even hammer.

2)At least partial restoration of Ravager's old projectile speed. This is mostly just for the feel and fun factor of the unit rather than balance. Currently it seems to puke out projectiles instead of shooting them. It's especially apparent when ravagers try to shoot at stuff they are chasing and it just looks and feels bad/unfun. That's a shame, cause the unit was a lot of fun.
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5 years ago
Mobile mexes with cloak and newton guns (guns that shoot newtons)
and they can fly
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5 years ago
Remove air and sea.
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Static aa - bring back old hacksaw
Puppy - remove/redux
Felon - do not touch
Outlaw - revert to slow wave iteration that was useful
Blastwing - remove/redux
Rocko - Slight HP nerf
Ravager - increase projectile speed
Domi - remove
Wolverine - buff
rapier - remove/redux
brawler - remove/redux
mobile aa - buff
crabbe - nerf
grizzly - nerf
hermit - buff
recluse - hp buff/weight decrease
redback - vampirism
bandit - autorepair (slower than glaive)
Amphs - improve
halberd - remove/redux
sea lab - remove (not joking, it adds nothing)
air cons - increase hp & decrease cost
commander missile launcher - buff
pitbull - buff
scrubber - buff
commander gauss - buff
pyro - remove friendly fire + firing through friendly units
Sumo - rethink entirely
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5 years ago
Strider lab -> add an AA strider
Panther -> lower accuracy
Hacksaw -> fires 3 rounds
Puppy -> less damage
duck -> add auto-skirm
crasher - more damage
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5 years ago
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5 years ago
I have not played for a while, but as of the last time I did:

1) Remove sea until it is balanced and out of it's current WiP state.

2) Let units fire at shields and not just other units.

3) Lower panther speed slightly? I have not played with or against it enough to know about it's current state of balance.

4) Lower mace range? Again, not enough testing.

5) Puppies are ridiculous. They make cost against most raiders in every situation and riots don't always make cost against them if flanked.

6) The domi is an abomination that should be destroyed.

That's it really. Current ZK balance is quite good with no single unit/combo dominating the meta.
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5 years ago
1) Remove sea until it is balanced and out of it's current WiP state.

removing something does not help balancing. using/abusing shows balance flaws, which then can be tried to solve. playing is testing and feedback gathering.
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Since no one will judge me for this... here I go!
1) Disarm... screw it, remove disarm adn restore both stiletto and racket (stiletto could have been nerfed in other ways if you didn't like it... I liked it a lot - it felt perfect to me even if I was on the reciving end).

2) Slow pulse outlaw. After fast pulse outlaw was intoduced, SB balance (and maybe even the whole of ZK balance) went out of control.

3) General Shield buff - they feel... like crap. Almost any factory has a general hardcounter to Shields and I have no idea when this happened.

4) smaller Athena decloak range

5) Duck feels underpowered a bit... having a high alpha raider was more fun then this parody

6) remove commander modules. If you want custom coms so badly, then why no make it like in ZKDOTA? personally, I don't want them at all (they are also hard to explain to friends that I introduce to the game and coms are a big turn off since it's not really an RTS feature)

7) Rocko. Not going to specify because as far as I know, the dev are working on this problem (I trust them sometimes :) )

8) Restore crawling bomb unborrow speed

9) Small buff to tick

10) I kinda mentioned this, but: restore fixed wing air play to pre disarm era

11) moderator buff (not sure where to look, but given that it has the same reload as scapel - that should give a nice hint. Say that scapels shooting over each other compensates for moderator slow damage)

12) Wolverine buff (I consider cost reduction a buff as well, so anything that makes it better for cost should be nice)

13) Buffed Wloverine replaces domi, move domi to athena - hey, domi is a weird unit, it belongs in the weird fac.

14) Djinn buff - ZKDOTA has a personal cloaker installed on the Djinn. Is this too OP for it's cost? maybe double the cost but have the cloaker on it? Or go the other way around and make it cheaper or more sturdy... Or and a troll AI to spawn lighthouses near enemy AOE unit to make them kill each other.

15) Flea AI improvment or change in stats to make them work in groups. Current fleas love clumping, killing each other on collision or just shooting each other. Despite them being the cheapest thing in the game, every flea is precious in battle

16) Newton range buff - just slightly, if only 10 range is added then this could be a viable rocko counter and all rocko problems will be solved

17) mobile newton unit. We had one... now we don't and game is not so fun. It could be a small tank, bot or something else that has only a single newton on it... or just bring back Mr.Juggy

18) Make IWIN not a mod option.

19) Buff Gauss turret. Say, a range buff will be interesting - we don't have medium ranged gauss units, so let's give it a shot. We ca always revert stuff

20) Small buff to cobra. It seems to be good, but might need to be a bit better since hacksaw can't be used.

21) Make Jumpers vulnurable to newtons mid air - it's really stupid how you can jump and ignore every thing in the world
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5 years ago
buff ph1re n00x plz
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Terror, chaos, madness, leaving this game screaming in silence

1) All missiles can retarget midflight if they lost target and new targets are available within targeting range of their originating unit. If you bait a hackzor with avenger, you have to wait until the second missile stops circling and drops to the ground, because if you approach while it's still in air, it'll shiv ya.

2) Domi manages its targets better, taking capture progress into account.

3) Wolverine can fire on move.

4) Quake causes any wreckage caught within its AoE to be infected with zombie plague. Units killed by zombies also become zombies.

5) AA units can target anything that dares lift over 10 elmos above land. Grounded planes are not targetable unless pointblank. Newton-ramped roaches are. So are pyros.

6) Ships are removed as a ploppable factory. Shipyard becomes a "naval strider platform", everything it builds is a srsbsns thing around which lesser units rally.

Am i channeling kmar well? :D
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5 years ago
1.Give resurrection ability to Mariner, so ships can have some power on land by borrowing units from other facs.
2.More flex AA, and make dedicated AA less powerful.
3.Buff the transport units.
4.Buff the most of artilleries to make them useful in 1v1.
5.Dead commander leaves no wreckage and rebuildable.
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5 years ago
"Am i channeling kmar well? :D "
Yes, I approve your message.
Other then that, wolfy can fight on the move :)
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5) AA units can target anything that dares lift over 10 elmos above land. Grounded planes are not targetable unless pointblank. Newton-ramped roaches are. So are pyros.

Protecting my trollcom vs Skuttles with Chainsaw <3 epix

5.Dead commander leaves no wreckage and rebuildable.

Yay now I can troll even moar. Before I coudlnt just jump into enemy base, as, in case of death, enemy would get 7k reclaim. Now he wont <3

Buff trollcoms even moar plox
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[quote] Protecting my trollcom vs Skuttles with Chainsaw <3 epix[/quote]
I'd rather bet on copperheads. Considering Chainsaw missile flight time, and the fact that the Skuttle would only be targetable once decloaked, anything that doesn't kill it instantly, never will do so in time.

And while at it, riot gun probably does it better still.

Now, Screamer usually has a very quick time to impact, that would be super lol - especially when you jump away from that skuttle with your recon commander, and get headshotted by enemy one.
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5 years ago
4) Quake causes any wreckage caught within its AoE to be infected with zombie plague. Units killed by zombies also become zombies.


a unit which creates zombie plague would be so fookin cool

a SPIDER unit :)
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5 years ago
So what would the zombie unit be, physically? A crawling bomb?
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You mean the actual infectonator, or the raised undead unit?

It would be a fat spidery thingy full of infectious bile.

Phyrexian style.

Though i still think quake having a secret ability is just enough.
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5 years ago
Or just add another quake-ranged missile to the tacnuke battery. It's not like there's no room in tacnuke for more stuff... its buildlist is pretty short and dull today.
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