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Random Crags v0.5

By GoogleFrog

A sometimes-craggy, sometimes flat random map (12x12)
Size: 12 x 12


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10 months ago
Featured for teams testing.
  • Increased tree clumping.
  • Halved texture generation time.
  • Added another source of height variation, that can create wide mounds and Titan Duel-style spikes/holes.
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10 months ago
Pretty good. Seems like a reasonable balance between tank/veh, bot and spider. Decent mex distributions too (presumably they are always 2m/s? The occasional 1.5x-2x mex or cluster of lower metal mexes might add a bit more to think about when it comes to later game).

Unfortunately you sometimes don't get much in the way of interesting terrain, just a bit of samey light hilliness like what happened here: https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/769519

Additionally, occasionally generating some smallish bits of water might not go amiss to aid in making truly impassible areas (an area with both cliffs and some water blocks everything, creating some interesting strategic considerations) and allowing hover and amph a chance to get a little bit done.

Also, the water table is often deep enough for burried caretakers, which could encourage porc. Having the water table just barely under the main flatlands makes porcable and non-porcable areas.
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If anything is to be said about these maps, wind is often very good, often the starting area has ,5 minimum wind power or higher.
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10 months ago
This map was quite hilly and had blocking water areas: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/769548

I would like to improve the center. Sometimes it is essentially flat and completely lacks mexes. The current system makes extremely local or extremely global random decision with little inbetween. A local decision is something like deciding whether a boundary is a cliff or a ramp with little consideration for the state of the map, and a global one is something like generating starting noise. To hone into reliably producing interesting maps I think I'll need to:
  • Tune the parameters of the global and local decisions.
  • Tweak local properties (such as boundaries in the center of the map) based on global attributes (such as the paths between the two start points).
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10 months ago
Oooh, interesting map that!
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