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Violet Rampart Generator v1.4 Featured

By Rafal[ZK]

Procedurally generates map for 3-11 way FFA. Water is acidic. Terrain based on Violet Rampart by qray and Azure Rampart by zwzsg. Skybox from Smoth. Texture generation scripts based on Random Crags by GoogleFrog.
Size: 24 x 24


Downloads: 4456
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- Made gray terrain 20% brighter.
- Fixed gray terrain and minimap appearing completely black in LOS view mode.

Map geometry and terrain:
- Added new terrain geometry for map center (lower terrain with ramps).
- Dynamically increase width of lanes between bases the more bases there is, to make more room for armies moving around center (only on maps with 6 or more bases).
- Made base entrances slightly less wide (width 600 -> 550) so that they are more useful as last line of defense.
- Made bottom deeper (-150 -> -200) so that it is more costly to build there. (Singu terraform cost about 400m -> 550m)
- Removed move-speed penalty on bottom terrain so that it is more suited to be used for bridges etc.
- Decreased ground hardness so that it is actually deformable by large explosions.

- Added single Geo spot at map center (only on on maps with 6 or more bases).

- Fixed rare issue where base "A" would be second from the top clock-wise, instead of the first.
- Changed minimap label to not contain word "Random" as it confused some people. Changed minimap label color.

Example with 5 teams:

Example with 6 teams:

Example with 7 teams:

Enjoy! :)
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2 years ago
Could I ask some nice person with map tagging powers to tag this map as supported, please? :)
Also please set it as FFA map for up to 11 players. Thanks in advance :)
Also unsupport the previous version: https://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/60197
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2 years ago
how come its named violet rampart generator anyway and not azure generator?
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2 years ago
cause it paints the map violet/purple and not blue/azure
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2 years ago
but the map is so much more like azure, maybe we need more colors to pick from
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2 years ago
Hi, awesome map PLrankRafalpluk. I like the procedural thing that gets generated.

I did encounter a bug tho:
Using the setting that disables ground deformation makes the entire map flat.
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26 days ago
for some reasons i often get massive fps drops on this map.
sometimes it goes down to 4 fps making it unplayable.

dumno if it's because i use an AMD graphic card, some drivers, or juts a bad setting i activated in the options...
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