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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome (32p)
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.9.11.1
Engine version: 104.0.1-1544-ge1f249f
Started: 7 months ago
Duration: 40 minutes
Players: 19
Bots: False
Mission: False
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I don't understand what's wrong with this match. The game starts with the opposing team attacking immediately, and my team is not interested in anything. Why did you give me two commanders? The whole game must be based on the fact that I must occupy absolutely the entire mid and keep it, and without me it is impossible? How do you imagine it if I have income like all players? Actually, in this match, I occupied the mid lane with two units (crab and cyclops) and stopped the enemy's attack. This is complete shit, all the players do whatever they want, build all kinds of bullshit and so on, but no one fights. They give me a commander, so that I would definitely defend the mid lane acting on wear with my micro or what? What if the opposing team has an extra airplane? He will just fly over and hit me, breaking valuable units for me, how should I resist this? Games with an odd number of players suck.

Why does the opposing team have one more player with 2200+ Elo? I also want a player who will build 2 singu for me or will fight me in the mid line, where is my player?
Zk, Why are you slipping me a useless +1 commander?
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7 months ago
Was a fun game to watch thanks to you. Well played.
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7 months ago
If you want to I can share you some storages next game
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7 months ago
welcome to the pot. whatever you do, you are rendered irrelevant.
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7 months ago

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7 months ago
The sad part of the story is when you realize who ROrankizirayd's teammates were...

I mean 4 dark blue players also DErankChesti who can definetly play on that lvl
They should definetly know what they need to do...
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7 months ago
I now watched the full replay some comments:

1. When you izi state that you will rush a paladin with 2 coms, guess what, I would have been demotivated too...

2. Of course your whole team failed when they all descided to plop at the same spot. This includes you... So you failed too! Purple players should know when they need to relocate last second.
(2 min into the game, you were over 1,8k metal used behind, just saying...)

3. Your team 3 air players, and despite all this you cant keep some cranes save...

4. @CatMaster, you have 3 air players and then you still rush 2 flails (600m) and then go for penetrator? What?

5. Chesti, you should know that building eco first and then plop factory is just waisting production time on your factory...

6. Also you are highly overstating your role in this game, of course you did not play bad, but this wasnt anything exceptional, nor were you alone in the whole mid, actually your units never even got to the mid as you always stayed in the south.

7. Your two best players were actually Sab & Chesti. Sab held against 3 players with some help from air, at least for 15 minutes. (Ok also due to them playing badly, but still) and Chesti did a good overall air support that saved your team very often from bigger losses. Also eco.

(after the 50% mark this game was just dragged out...)

Fun fact: Jummy basically killed his own dante by dgunning it with 2 others....
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7 months ago
personal opinion or fact, true or false, i really dont think one has the responsibility to play at their full potential, and making a post to blame someone isnt good, for anyone except the one doing(the joy when making a post). in fact, if i were you, i would feel bad after i blame someone, so maybe not even for you. but im fine with izi, i think he made this post minutes after the game, and its really easy to think their teammates arent doing anything. of course, its still not good to blame someone, but i can at the very least understand. but, i really cant think about the reason you do this... youre not a player, nor even a spectator, you made this post hours later.
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7 months ago

I was interested to see what really happened during the last game.
That's why I watched it, spectating or watching the replay doesnt make any difference in my opinion.

And when I point something out, like the stupid loss of those cranes at the very beginning, its in hope that people will pay a little more attention in the future. If someone feels offended by this then I am very sorry and appoligize.
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7 months ago
maybe it was wrong team motivation to rush a paladin from beginning.

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7 months ago
Did ROrankizirayd actually start the paladin? Often we throw around rushes as jokes at the start of the game. I don't see how that should demotivate the team.
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7 months ago
would this game took so long then?

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6 months ago
If ROrankizirayd had included some coms to repair his palas he might actually have won...
East holding out with that eco ratio is very impressive though as LUrankAdminAnir points out other players definitely pulled their weight.
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