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Title: MM 2744: 1v1 Narrow, Rank Singularity
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K
Engine version: 105.1.1-841-g099e9d0
Started: 16 days ago
Duration: 13 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 62.7%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 37.3%


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16 days ago
ZK has gone to complete shit
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16 days ago
There is basically no game anymore. Game-plan is much more important than actually playing the game
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16 days ago
Try team games, there's no plan at all.
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16 days ago
When was it not shit USrankRiposteR? What change do you dislike?
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This is the most common 1 on 1 game. When it started and when you saw my factory, you should already know how it will end, as well as understand what strategies will be used.
Considering I've played rovers, Fencer Rush with Commander is the best option I can get. All 1 on 1 games require such a transition from themselves, to skirmish, in any other factories. I don't understand what must have been special and interesting if this transition was the most classic of all that could happen. The answer is rush stinger and bulkheads. Since fencers are weaker than bulkheads, and raiders cannot effectively attack bulkheads due to limp + llt, getting a commander level is the only way to have a chance of a successful outcome for rovers. The commander gets levels and modules, for an effective attack on the bulkhead and the rovers repel them. After the amphibians get a grizzly (I think this is a wrong choice, the right choice would be in favor of a firewalker) and make an attack. Rovers get a lot of fencers, I was afraid of grizzlies and made them for 2500+ metal, and then I got the aircraft factory and Thunderbird. Thunderbird give a good disarm, the game is won. This is the most classic game. If classic games are crap, then I don't know what's good?

Yes, getting levels by the commander looks strange, but this is the only way to return to the game after losing scorchers against ducks. That being said, it's not my fault that scorchers suck, it happens in all duck games. Ducks fire a projectile and retreat, the projectile deals full damage when a light touch with the scorcher has no effect and the ducks remain safe. About the level of the commander, I raised this issue in the topic of #balance, they answered me that I need to make a stinger and 2 imp and kill him.
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16 days ago
I, for one, think it is incredibly cursed how every ROrankizirayd game that ends in a loss ends up with whining about balance on the forums, even when it's not ROrankizirayd that lost. The infection will soon spread to other 1v1s that don't involve izi.
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16 days ago
This game seemed pretty normal, I'm not really sure what makes this match especially trash, unless that's the point here :P

I don't really have much to say about this match, but I think you could have used your ducks better.

At around 3:30 I think instead of trading with the scorcher, you could have moved down to kill the double expansion, and at 4:00 you probably should have retreated rather than trade with fencer in his base.

at ~5:20, you are making bulkhead and izirayd is moving his commander down to begin his push. izirayd only has 5 fencer and 4 scorcher at this time, while you have 4 ducks and 3 bulkheads. I think that instead of bulkheads, you should have stayed on limpet-duck to pressure the top expansion that became open when izirayd's com left to start pushing. By pressuring both sides with duck, you would probably get some damage in, and delay izirayd's push. By then you could maybe get another stinger where izi plans to fencer push

I think that with the above changes, the game probably would have changed enough to be unrecognizable from this one, and probably in your favor. I also think it would be more dynamic, and less complete shit :D
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15 days ago
Taken at face value the OP reads like having too much strategy in the real-time game.🙃
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15 days ago
Nerf the whining!
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