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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome #2
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.11.6.0
Engine version: 105.1.1-1774-g5e966db
Battle ID: 1645228
Started: 12 months ago
Duration: 11 minutes
Players: 25
Bots: False
Mission: False
Rating: Casual
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Due to a blue player resigning on gamestart citing his perception of balance, the highest rated blue player FRrankSlaab has to focus on two fronts at once due to the resigner being on the opposite side of the map. Tilt spiral ensues.

The resigner's perception stemmed from medal color, despite FRrankSlaab being a higher rank than two of the purples in this game.
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This seems completely understandable, despite being a very not nice move to make. I think there is a moral advantage to the purple team even if the blue team is equally matched.

I'm still not sure why the balancer doesnt try to match by pair. Throw a purple on one team then add a purple to the opposite until you run out of purple players, then move to blue, to silver, to gold, etc. End result should be a relatively even mix of player rank and most importantly, both sides "feel" balanced.
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12 months ago
The color is not a good exact representation of skill it is just a hint (as here, Slaab is now position 14th in the ladder, while cbinboy and Blankmind are 17th and 18th).

And cmon, I have seen many games when people get balance "wrong" (myself included), so I find it a lame argument to quit.

There might be some improvement possible in how you compute rank changes including the play time - obviously in this game the rank of madez should not matter. I think that not including the time spent playing introduces various biases - another example if the player with smallest skill quits immediately that is an advantage for that team. AFAIK currently the time spent is not considered at all...
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12 months ago
It was pretty lame.
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12 months ago
When the player number is uneven, it's harder to balance and judge the balance of a match.
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The resigner's perception stemmed from medal color, despite Slaab being a higher rank than two of the purples in this game.

Maybe the new option to show precise ratings in the tab window should be enabled by default (to make balancer choices more understandable)?

To make it even clearer, the average rating of each team could be shown above or below (this is what the balancer tries to equalize. I've been developing an analysis of how wrong the use of the unadjusted average is in case of uneven player count teams, but should test it a bit more before posting).
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12 months ago


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