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Host: CZrankScandium
Game version: Zero-K v1.3.3.2
Engine version: 98.0.1-403-g856e172
Started: 5 years ago
Duration: 12 minutes
Players: 21
Bots: False
Mission: False
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5 years ago
only for example, I got many other demos which I cannot download. Is anyone able to download this and demofile bigger than 0 b?
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see https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K-Infrastructure/issues/536

if you participated in a battle with 98.x engine, you already have a local copy of the replay.

if you click "watch replay now" on this page, the downloaded file with something in the name like "98.xxx develop" becomes "98.xxx[colour=red]%20[/color]develop" an got 0 kb size. looks like it cannot overwrite the existing file, creates a new one with a strange name but dont write into this second file.

try loading from local copy (worked for me) or delete local copy and 0kb copy, then try again.

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5 years ago
the thing is I have since 98 no more local copies? :(
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5 years ago
btw. some work as manual download for me, some don't
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5 years ago
could you write your all reproduceable experiences as comment to the issue in my link below on github?
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5 years ago
Okay. my copies are in .config/spring/demos ... but there was an announcement I thing for folder change. But that folder?
Anyways this is solved for my case.
But problem still exists for zeroK page. I will post under the other issue
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