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Brotherhood of NOD


"We are the Brotherhood of NOD, You may have heard of this faction from times of C&C's Past. . . Now, We have come, and we will grow, and with our growth we aim to Conquer, build and strive against The oppressive Regimes. It is a time of Revelation and a time to Prosper on a new Frontier. . . Come, Join our cause, Future brothers and Sisters of a New age of Ascension!" - A Prophet of Kane
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Clan Leader USrankSansTheSkeleton[HR]
Time Event
2 years ago USrankEvil_Angel_365 joins clan BoN
3 years ago USrankDelfuscreeto joins clan BoN
3 years ago AUrankReyes_Roman joins clan BoN
3 years ago New clan BoN formed by USrankSansTheSkeleton[HR]
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