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17 days ago SIrankkema joins clan P1
19 days ago USranksnugglywuggly joins clan P1
26 days ago USrankJamtime360 joins clan P1
37 days ago USrankFinnishLime506 joins clan P1
40 days ago NZrankmarkivs joins clan P1
42 days ago CArankRedEagle_P1 was elected for the P1 role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing USrankTheHiddenManiac - 5 for, 0 against
44 days ago USrankShamanDev leaves clan P1
44 days ago USrankShamanDev joins clan P1
44 days ago GBrankPresstabstart leaves clan P1
44 days ago USrankjmicz3d joins clan P1
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