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November 19th 1v1 Tourney

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Apologize for late notice, I'm just throwing together a tourney real quick for November.

The tourney will be on November 19th at 10AM UTC.

All participants should arrive at 9:30AM UTC to show they are here. 9:55AM UTC will be cutoff time for entry and this is when subs will go in for missing people

Tournament rule.

Swiss match to determine top 4 players. Swiss starts with a random match-up, then players with similar scores play against each other. Depending on the number of players, it could be 4-5 rounds. Each first match is on a random map in the map pool, and thenm loser picks map. After that, it's double elimination.

We have a 15-30 mins break in between format.

Double elimination games are best of 3 matches and the final game is best of 5 matches. The first map is a designated map in the map pool, then the defeated team chooses a map from the map pool.

Tournament Reward:

Being worked out with devs.

Match Rules:

Swiss rounds have no time limit.

The Double elimination matches have a time limit of 60 min [with 5 mins extra]. Similar rules as above. If there is a draw, a time extension of 15 mins would be provided. If there is still a draw, a random coin toss would be used to determine the winner [or one side could accept defeat in a display of sportmantship]. In such case, we acknowledge that both participants are equal in skill and all this is just because the tournament must continue.

Match behaviour:

To foster a sense of sportsmanship [As requested by certain Devs], we ask that each official game start with both teams say a polite greeting to acknowledge a fight between equal.

[ The same system happen in all sport/game match e.g. MMA fight have opponents touch gloves before fight, taekwondo Olympic match have opponents shake hand before match, Shogi have opponents bow to each other before each match,…]

No name calling or disruptive behavior is allowed in the match. The team that violated this rule, forfeit the match.

About players who have to leave due to justifiable reasons or was unintentionally disconnected, the game can be paused for a small amount of time [<3 mins]. Any longer pause would need the consent of his opponent.

The teams, that are 10 minutes late or no-show, forfeit the match.
Post game analysis and congratulation are encouraged but not required.

Win or lost decision will be what both teams agree on.

If any member of any teams in the match disagrees, the decision will be on the Arbitrator.
Match replay link should be recorded for future complaints.

To join tournament's chat channel to arrange matches type “/j #zktourney” in lobby chat

Current bracket is at http://challonge.com/ZKNOV


Desert Needle Small
Isle of Grief
Sands of Time
Living Lands v2.03
Iced Coffee
Dual Icy Run
Altair Crossing
Red Comet

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3 years ago

sign me up scotty
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I'm free to cast. I should be able to cast the whole thing, but if it goes longer than 6 hours (which these tournaments tend not to) I will have to step out for a dentist appointment.

Also, why do I keep having to put in the "make check-ins 30 minute early in order to make the no-show/sub cutoff 10AM UTC sharp" reminder?! It's worked beautifully for the past two tournaments, there's no reason not to have it. I don't mean to be harsh, but I feel like this stuff is getting copy-pasted without considering later changes that worked made from these forum discussions.
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Also, why do I keep having to put in the "make check-ins 30 minute early in order to make the no-show/sub cutoff 10AM UTC sharp" reminder?!

Is "because Parzival" a sufficient explanation to you?

I would play in this one but after the last tournament I think I had enough of the swiss format already. Imo its just confusing and semi-arbitrary.
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3 years ago
Swiss will work better for 1v1, as there should be a few more participants. confusing?, everyone plays each other, u get win\loss record, which determines players knocked out and a draw for knockout rounds\finals.

sign me up
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Its confusing because there have been incidents of the organizers messing up with the calculations and such. In fact I'm pretty sure it happened in every single swiss tourney up until now. Sure it works "better" for 1v1, I will grant you that.

Its bo1. Bo1 is very random because you can just play on a map you do very badly with for example or the enemy does cheese this one time but you are overall better than them. However there is no way to check that because of one game. The more games are played the more accurate the result is.

everyone plays each other

If the tourney is big enough this is not the case.

Edit: I like your map selection btw RUrankParzival
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3 years ago
Sorry CArankAdminShadowfury333 threw this together in like 5 minutes and didn't have time to copy/paste earlier. Was going to do it today anyways XD
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I'm interested. You can sign me up for now.

However, I'd strongly suggest a few changes to the structure of the tournament.
1) Double elimination is not required, since you already have "qualifier" swiss rounds. Let the playoff rounds be single elimination.
2) Remove the time limit from elimination matches.

Time limit kind of makes sense for swiss, but it's lame as a competitor or spectator to be denied the possibility of an epic 50 minute CCR game. This almost never happens anyway and when it does, it's worth the time loss for pretty much all parties. That is, if the map pool is reasonable (lack of porcmaps).

Also, would love to see Red Comet or CCR in the map pool.
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3 years ago
Will do.
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3 years ago
Bump, we need pref 3 more participants for minimum number. More than that is welcome
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3 years ago
*politely asks CArankAdminShadowfury333 if I can co-commentate with a better mic this time
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3 years ago
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RUrankParzival: In principle I'd be happy to co-commentate with you, but you are running the tournament. It's really tough to do that and commentate. Are you really sure you want to take on both tasks at once?
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3 years ago
Sign me up. I agree with what EErank[ISP]Lauri said and they seem like necessary changes. Also, your OP looks a bit copy pasted so be aware that there is a tournament metal counting widget.
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3 years ago
tournament metal counting widget.

Sorry, this section didn't sound understandable, explain please?
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3 years ago
Sign me up tentatively, there is a chance I will not be able to make it.
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3 years ago
Settings/Interface/Spectating/Econ. Announcer contains setting for configuring an economy based game timeout. If you are a spectator then it counts the metal and announces whether there is a winner, either locally or to everyone in the game.
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Alright, thanks for letting me know.

Also, we need more people! Right now this is going to be a very small tournament.
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3 years ago
Just like the last one!
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3 years ago
November, that sad month, full of melancholy for the warm summer days, filled with bbq's and outdoor exploration. But on the other hand eager for the wintery, snow-filled days that will soon mark the start of the skiing season. During these foggy days one is forced to stay inside and think of better times.
For the first time in a long time, the BErankFlipstip will join a zero-k tournament!
Sign me up :)
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