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small issue with the chat console ("Say: ...")

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2 years ago
See animated gif.
The input line keeps jumping between the top and the bottom of the screen. I assume it is supposed to stay at the bottom, since this is where the chat log is displayed?

According to the Widget List, "Chili Pro Console" AND "Chili Pro Console2" are active. If I turn off "Chili Pro Console" the input line stays at the bottom. However, each time I start a new game "Chili Pro Console" is automatically reactivated again.

How can I get rid of "Chili Pro Console"? :)
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2 years ago
Your issue is caused by having two chat consoles at different locations. Disable "Chili Pro Console2", it was never completed.
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2 years ago
Thank you, that helped.
Chili Pro Console2 now stays off and is not turned on again in the next game.
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