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Rename the Toad back to Archangel.

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4 years ago
Why is the Archangel named Toad now? Archangel makes better sense due to it's color, the fact that it can jump. It's also relatively fast, and it's one of the most effective mobile AA units, with it's twin AA laser and AA auto cannon. It actually makes less sense to name it Toad, considering all it's both aesthetic and practical properties.
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GoogleFrog wanted to remove names that were holdovers from Total Annihilation. Archangel wasn't in Original TA, but was used as a name by a few third-party unit creators: https://units.tauniverse.com/?p=q&q=archangel - Accordingly, it wasn't on the "must change" list, but as the unit renames were being discussed, someone felt it could use a rename if a good name could be found.

I think GoogleFrog in particular liked "Toad" because it jumps.

I argued for Skyscraper (originally suggested by someone else, but I can't find that post any longer) as a clever double-meaning semi-joke in the vein of the other Jumpfac units Firewalker, Placeholder, and Moderator. Firewalker is a unit that walks around and shoots fire, but a firewalker is also a person who walks over hot coals as a stunt. Placeholder holds units in place, but a placeholder is also a thing that you put in place temporarily until you can replace it with something better, thus jokingly suggesting that the unit's name is a temporary name until we can find a better one (which of course makes it the perfect name that will never be replaced). Moderator slows units down, which is also one definition of "to moderate", but a moderator is also a person on a forum who edits and removes forum posts to prevent flamewars, and of course Zero-K notably has an active forum that requires moderators. So in that same vein, a skyscraper is a very tall building, but the Skyscraper unit also scrapes aircraft out of the sky.

But, alas, GoogleFrog liked Toad better, so Toad it is.
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4 years ago
Welp. Makes sense, but Toads can't actually take anything except small hops, can't jump far and jump rarely. Guess it's the Toad now.
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4 years ago
im going to say i feel like you. i miss the old names. i dont even know what most things are called after many years of playing
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4 years ago
Rename the toad to Bombardier Beetle. Done.
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4 years ago
Toads jump and eat birds.
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if nature was toads vs birds then waaay more birds eat toads.. birds op. like very few and rare that toads eat a baby bird. so almost the opposite is true except many toads are toxic to defend themselves

if a bird drowns or falls into water or mud then the toad will also capitalize
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4 years ago
^ reason why arch sorry I mean Toad sucks
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4 years ago
Bring to be swamp to the skies by making the ladder an all slow damage weapon, and increasing the dps of the autocannon to compensate. Slow is really effective against air, and it makes the unit more interesting than just having 2 dps weapons.
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Makes sense Steel, have the dual lasers removed, and just add two multi-targeting slow lasers, with decreased autocannon range. This way, it slows, and like a Toad, is only truly dangerous if you get close, but it can conceivably hurt you from afar. Like a true Toad. That would also make it more interesting, as you said. Also, Archangel fit it better as a high DPS unit, considering what an Archangel is compared to what a Toad is. So I propose, remove the dual lasers and add two multi-targeting slow lasers, with decreased autocannon range.

By multi-targeting I mean they don't have to attack the same target.
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4 years ago
GoogleFrog liked Toad better

Do I smell nepotism?
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googlefrog is a dictator its not 'our' game its 'his' game bitches
yes thats slander and calumny > and thus is in no way a like-ness or accurate representation of said individual.

a good leader does not:

talk down to others
close minded
rudely correct people

this is why im not a good leader because im often abrasive
and atleast 100 trillion times a day the above things

a good leader does:

help the community feel heard
cared for

yknow all the anti pride equality stuff

lead from the front of a group.. not the top of a group..
be the voice of the people and not the voice for the people

even if you do feel like you know best the only defense against making pride-blind mistakes is to vanquish ones own arrogance.

a simple test would be to ask googlefrog if he is fallible.. are you flawed googlefrog? do you ever make the wrong choices? are you brave enough to be our brother and not a god.
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4 years ago
... but I like Toad.
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I suspect Vehicle -> Rover was a mistake. Also all the renames of Likho.
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Wyvern was fine, renaming it back to licho but with a K was a kneejerk.

Rover is one of the good ones, on par with Gremlin.

Nimbus and Cornea are war crimes.
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"was a mistake" i guess that counts as humble. i do like you googlefrog and you have guided the game in good ways i think. at any rate ill support you and your game until i die in my chair.
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