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Standing places in the wellcome room

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It is the most ridiculous situation ever seen.
Today 04/08/2020 41/32 players in room team wellcome.

There are 32 people playing in wellcome teams and 9 waiting on the list ... even at the post office I have not seen such a queue ....
What's the point of all this?

I think that simply after the 32nd player has entered the game the room closes and if another one automatically opens where the next players are moved.

Isn't it better to play without lag?


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8 months ago
Do lobsters need social distancing?
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so many people trying to flee from europe to africa :O

Helene Fischer starting tour?
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8 months ago
Would you have the 9 extra people automatically split off into a new room? Would they have played that game?
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we even had 2 teams rooms at that point and the small teams-room, small teams was full as well if i remember. 2nd teams-room was private-hosted and they decided to play with ressource-mult wich put some people off. (Ask LUrankAdminAnir a she was there)
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8 months ago
The more the merrier! !maxplayers ftw!
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8 months ago
AUrankAdminGoogleFrog I think it is useless to keep 10 rooms open and only use one.
This I think that you too have raised this problem, otherwise you would not have launched a vote a few days ago on the maximum number of players in the room.
In my humble opinion, the game must have rules that the player must accept and not vice versa. So if I enter a room with 32 players, and there is no place to play, I automatically have to be sent back to another equivalent room along with other players to make a new match. Who does not want to play in another room (such as small room, or coop etc). With the excellent application that allows you to replay your own games as well as those of the strongest players, the in-room function of spectators, often afk, makes no sense.
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8 months ago
i don't wanna be alone
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