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Silly map Idea for lobster pot

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5 months ago
Map Title(?): Lobster pot
-"pot shaped"
-Enough metal & space for a comfortable 7 vs 7
-Similar to hot stepper, lava rises to "fill" the pot periodically(maybe 10 min withouut,2 minutes with)
-Similar to hot stepper, there are "safe zones" that exist above the lava, fighting for these areas should be more strategic than economic(less mexes)
-Inattentive lobs will be roasted, maybe a timer or something for fairness
-The lava should probably be a bit slower due to higher stakes and above
-Essentially, Hot stepper for teams
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5 months ago
buuuut hotstepper already is for teams!
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5 months ago
I thought of a map like this too. Use a term long enough and you will eventually want to see it become literal, maybe.

Having to periodically rebuild all mexes and relink the grid would be annoying though. I think a version where the lava is always there and you just to have to island-hop might be more playable. Lava could be made weak enough that units can cross quickly without taking too much damage also.
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5 months ago
so hot stepper but bigger essentially
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lobster pots in real life are cubic/rectangular but i think a recent maths law change means that we must call them ?rhombus? equiangular quadrilateral.. or parallelogram

very few things are sadly pot shaped anymore.. except pots..

Map Title(?): Lobster equiangular quadrilateral ~ rolls right off the tongue
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