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Zero-K v1.9.6.0 - Harmony Update

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Everything should go just a bit smoother with this update. The AFK detector now has a countdown and disables construction, bringing harmony to teams. A number of unruly fonts and boxes have been brought into line, bringing harmony to the interface. The normal difficulty AI has chilled out. Singleplayer and multiplayer can be as one with skirmish and campaign autosaves during matchmaking. Most harmoniously, maps can now (effectively) be nice smooth circles rather than pointy squares.


Flea has a bit more map presence to make up for the previous Venom nerf.
  • No longer slightly leads its target, removing a small retreat disadvantage.
  • DPS increased by 7.1% (42 -> 45)

Conjurer is in slightly more danger from its own cloaked bombs.
  • Area cloak and jammer range 192 -> 184

Scorcher is slightly worse at poking other raiders.
  • Range reduced by 1.9% (267 -> 262)
  • Projectile speed reduced by 1.9%

Badger is more vulnerable and has a slower rate of attrition.
  • Speed 67.5 -> 65
  • Reload time 5.5s -> 5.6s

Quill gains more speed advantage.
  • Speed 84 -> 87 (2.8 -> 2.9)
  • Build Range 160 -> 170
  • Turn rate increased by 4.5% (145 -> 152 °/s)

Dagger has another range change.
  • Speed increased by 0.35% to a round number.
  • Range 205 -> 210

Bolas is slightly cheaper and faster.
  • Cost 190 -> 185
  • Speed increased by 0.53% to a round number.

Mace regains its old range.
  • Range 340 -> 345

Halberd has a better matchup vs. Metal Extractors.
  • Damage 150 -> 160

Claymore has more burst and has 13.8% more DPS.
  • Reload 2.8 -> 3.2
  • Damage 400 -> 520
  • Increased edge effectiveness.


  • Normal AI is now noticeably easier, with the goal of reducing the jump from Easy to Normal.
  • Hard AI is slightly easier. Brutal is unchanged.
  • The player has more defenses in campaign mission 2 to give them more breathing space.
  • Added a few extra things to destroy in campaign missions 2 and 3.
  • Singleplayer games are now automatically saved when a matchmaker match is found, for players that would like to play singleplayer while in the queue.

Unit Behaviour

  • Added Anti-Bait toggles for Knight, Dagger, Cutter, Hunter, Blitz.
  • Fix Bandit unit AI, it now idle flees itself and Duck.
  • Urchin can no longer Force Attack the ground (both on land and underwater).
  • Gauss now aims down cliffs properly.
  • Units can no longer guard themselves.
  • Fixed retreating Attack Move units occasionally returning with Move after being repaired.
  • Fix Ronin and Rogue on Attack Move jinking too fast to aim and fire.

AFK Detection

  • Renamed the lobby option toggle to "Inactive Player Unit Sharing" and added a default that enables it in PvP while disabling it for Coop.
  • Increased AFK threshold from 30s to 40s.
  • Added a visual warning that start at 32s of inactivity.
  • Fixed typing in chat erroneously not counting towards activity.
  • Shared constructors and factories are now given a Wait command, which is removed when they are shared back.


  • Maps can now define a playable area, restricting unit movement and construction. Circular maps can be created with a config file and functions for arbitrary shapes have been exposed.
  • Added a circular playable area to BlackStar.
  • Cleaned up metal spot inconsistencies on Pinewood Derby, Archsimkats Valley and Altair Crossing.
  • Added startboxes for Stronghold, Throne, Tundra, Rysia, Battle for Planet XIV, Vernal 3-way, and Small Supreme Battlefield Dry/Islands/Original.

Added the following two functions for dynamic start boxes and metal configs, but technically they can be used for all mapping and modding.
  • Spring.Utilities.Gametype.isCompStomp() returns true if there is exactly one team that only contains humans.
  • Spring.Utilities.Gametype.isTeamFFA() returns true if there are more than 2 teams and at least one of them has multiple players.


  • Added warnings about LaserCannons with ranges not equal to a multiple of their speed. The next release they will get turned into erroring on load
  • Script.IsEngineMinVersion returns true correctly on bleeding edge (i.e. versions X.1.Y-Z).
  • Projectiles are no longer filtered for spectator widgets.
  • Added a detonate command to an unused kamikaze submarine.


  • Tweaked numerous ingame and menu font sizes and button dimensions for consistency.
  • Improved font management to cut down on memory usage.
  • Improved the load time of the map list in the game lobby.
  • Fixed map and mod downloads occasionally needing to be retried near completion.
  • Made cost and time more prominent in construction tooltips.
  • Right mouse button now takes precedence over Alt on the factory build queue.
  • Fixed large build queues adding units uncontrollably with Alt and some rapid clicking.
  • Improved Fusion, Antinuke and Trinity smoke effects and Zenith beam effect.
  • Fixed Antinuke and Area of Effect visualisation being slightly off-position when targeting water.
  • Fixed a bug with persistent build spacing with non-default settings.
  • Fixed how the ingame abuse report window reports FFA.
  • Fixed a rare commshare bug that could break team FFA.
  • Fixed negative damage showing up in endgame graphs.
  • Fixed Strider Hub not aiming correctly.
  • Fix the Wait indicator not appearing over factories.
  • Fix the Wait indicator not appearing over transferred units.
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17 months ago
Hey can I just say thanks for this. I like this update a lot. Well done to everyone who helped.
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17 months ago
good update
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17 months ago
I agree, it was much needed.
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17 months ago
Good. Thanks AUrankAdminGoogleFrog.
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17 months ago
Zero-K v1.9.6.1
  • Fixed some missed font caches that could break the main menu.
  • Fixed lagmonitor modoption detection (was defaulting to off rather than PvP only).
  • Made Claw unrepairable.
  • Improved tooltip font consistency more.
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17 months ago
Added Anti-Bait toggles for Knight, Dagger, Cutter, Hunter, Blitz.

have seen 2 screamers shooting the same swift. is this possible still and how? Multiplayer B1134488 23 on StormSiege_v3
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The new startboxes for the Supreme Battlefield variants are appreciated, especially since the corner islands no longer feel like afterthoughts now that you can start on them. Actually kinda freshens up the dynamics of the maps.
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17 months ago
I am having problems with the latest Zero-K Harmony update.

I am single player cheater. So sue me, but now ...
<enter> "/cheat" <enter> does not bring up cheat menu.

My favorite maps disappear from being loadable in game, despite being in maps folder.
(E.g. Azure_Rampart.sd7, fifteen_platforms_v2.sd7 are best maps IMO)
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17 months ago
USrankkrbolson what do you mean by bring up the cheat menu? The button on the bar in the top left appears for me when I do '/cheat'. The only change there is that it appears by default in singleplayer games against Inactive AI.

If the button isn't appearing then there is probably an error that will show up in the infolog. See how to send it here: https://zero-k.info/mediawiki/index.php?title=FAQ#I_have_a_bug_report.21

My favorite maps disappear from being loadable in game, despite being in maps folder.

The non-featured maps do appear to be missing from the local map list. I suppose it is worth a patch to fix. https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Chobby/commit/00d3e25b002f8847386af9c8876e60bb9bba6680

DErankAdminmojjj it looks like OKP was not handling radar identification correctly. https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/commit/43198434152850a1538c19a1378f050b25b58a4d
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17 months ago
Zero-K v1.9.6.3
  • Fixed intermittent factory dequeue bug.
  • Fixed OKP not reading max health for identified radar dots.
  • Fixed white player names in awards.
  • Fixed non-featured maps not appearing in the local map list with the appropriate setting unticked.
  • Corrected Claymore reload time (pushed yesterday).
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17 months ago
Is it on purpose not to have the player names colored as they were in game in the win/loose screen for the awards?

I find it very confusing, it's much easier to identify the color rather than the names ...
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17 months ago
Is it on purpose not to have the player names colored as they were in game in the win/loose screen for the awards?

Zero-K v1.9.6.3
- Fixed white player names in awards.
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Is that release active? I played last night and still saw white labels. Can check tonight the exact versions i have...

PS: message in changelog is unclear. What is fixed? If desired state is to have them white a fix makes them white, if desired state is to have them coloured a fix makes them colourd
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17 months ago
They are not supposed to be white. Check your version.
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17 months ago
Confirmed now they are colored, thanks. I did notice yesterday the lobby downloaded some a new ZK version (as opposed to steam doing the download) - guess it was due to not restarting the lobby after that that I still saw the "bad" colors.
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17 months ago
This update really smoothed out my experience. Feels tidy - thank you AUrankAdminGoogleFrog & company
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17 months ago
Is it possible to decrase the distance a cloakbot builder is following behind a unit while guarding it?
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17 months ago
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17 months ago
Why not singleplayer autosave while waiting other game rooms than just matchmaking?
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