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AI Challenge games

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6 months ago
Hey all, I recorded some AI challenge games for those who might be interested.
The restrictions were to play as rover only with no defenses/badger/impaler allowed.

Link to yt playlist:

The audio is rather quiet, I didn't notice in time.

In terms of difficulty within challenge games I'd rank them as the following:

easy: 3x legacyAI ccr with restrictions, suicidal chicken on red comet
medium: 2x brutalAI titanduel with restrictions, 2x brutalAI ccr with restrictions and comm upgrade cheese
hard: 2x brutalAI ccr with restrictions and no comm upgrade

Beating 2x brutalAI on ccr with restrictions took me several attempts.

Besides wanting to share my results I was also curious about other interesting AI challenge games the community has come up with, so I can attempt them. If you have any cool ideas or know of other challenges feel free to share them. If you are sweaty try-hard enough to attempt these please share your results. I'd like to see some nerds beat the 2x brutal on ccr with restrictions.
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6 months ago
Cool! I'll have to try some of those sometime.

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