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Zero-K v1.10.1.5 - Engine Update Fixes

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10 months ago

Most people report significantly better framerate with the engine update, but there are still a few lingering bugs. This update addresses many of them and re-adds commander skins.
  • Reimplemented commander skins for GL4.
  • A line to the nearest matching factory is now shown even when outside plate range.
  • Fixed factory plate command conditions for underwater placement.
  • Fixed transported units temporarily snapping to the ground when flown over factories.
  • Fixed weirdness in Ogre (and similar) weapon explosion effects.
  • Fixed factory facing arrow underwater.
  • Fixed path cache issue on some popular maps (such as Tangerine) that lead to desync.
  • Fixed trees missing textures on some maps.
  • Fixed disappearing cursors, possibly related to the first campaign mission.
  • Fixed radar icons sometimes displaying at the wrong size.
  • Improved detection for GL4 support.
  • Fixed some crashes on hardware without GL4 support.
  • Fixed a rare longstanding bug with hit detection for fast projectiles and small units.
  • Fixed reclaim-blocked structure placement squares showing as red rather than yellow.
  • Fixed /debuggl.
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10 months ago
So my commander no longer appears when the game starts
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10 months ago
I use a left-side taskbar and I in general have been having trouble with window positioning on this new release.

The window is bumped up from the bottom of the screen and to the right a bit, pushing onto my 2nd screen.

I found I had to drag my task-bar and toggle the "Custom Borderless Fullscreen" modes a couple of times to get the window position properly. So there is a workaround but it's a pain.
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10 months ago
Does 'Fullscreen' work?
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Fullscreen works,

what doesnt work is on my shit box i lost view of enemy buildings that were once in view and then went out of view.
It happens when up close. When distanced out i see them but blurry.

Cool update btw. thx
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10 months ago
For those who have Fullscreen errors, just select Fullscreen again (selected and then still click to select it again).
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