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[Bug] Cursor is offset from mouse position.

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32 days ago

after I get out of a round my cursor is offset from the mouse position, or in other words, it isn't where it seems to be.
This happens always after finishing a match, but can be fixed with a game restart.
The clicking position is mostly offset a bit up and left. It's about 1-1.5cm on screen.

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Hey! I actually know the bug you're talking about. Are you using Linux? Cause my sisters (specifically USrankbtz and USrankEvaBunny6) get that problem all the time (they use linux mint), except for that usually when it happens it happens right when they launch the game, and persists throughout the game, but is fixed by restarting the game.
I never thought much of it because I just fixed it by restarting the game every time, and actually I just thought of something else I should mention:
I am not sure if it is actually Zero-K specific or not (at least not for my sisters), because the exact same thing happens sometimes when I launch Warzone 2100 on their computers.
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31 days ago
I am on Windows. I now played some rounds, and suddenly it was gone, when I later came back it reappeared. I did some testing and it probably is caused by the display mode, but I don't know why. When changing between them I can cause this bug, and somehow correct it, but I couldn't reproduce the last part yet all the time.
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31 days ago
I had heard this was a linux thing to do with the grabby bar at the top of the window.
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30 days ago
re-run the game with borderless window or fullscreen. fixed this for me long time ago (ubuntu)
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29 days ago
GBrankpejj1 has this issue on Windows.
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