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Loss review

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53 days ago
So I've recorded a video where I go over my thoughts about a recent loss. Despite that public speaking is an underdeveloped skill for me, it was a lot of fun to make a video. There was a lot more to ramble on about than I had expected, but I hope some of you find it enjoyable.

If people would like more of this type or content or if I decide to make more, there's a few things I'd like to improve for next time, such as: smoother camera movement, a more structured start/structured ordering of my thoughts, and various other things that I could train by doing more.

Praise Pootis.
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53 days ago
Nice analysis! Do you think that trying to counter those cloaked reavers with a cloaked snitch would be a good idea? Reavers don't have much health, and they were quite clustered at times, so a snitch might be able to kill a large portion of them (and perhaps get the cloaker).

Btw, I like that you are pretty down to earth when analyzing your own losses, for me it's sometimes easy to get overwhelmed with negative emotions when losing a 1v1 game in Zero-K. It's healthy to have your mindset.
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