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I recently Downloaded BAR to take a look at it, after appreciating just how much Supperior ZK is. I quickly found a Feature in BAR that up on looking at it seems quite interresting and thats the Ability to Choose costume Spawnlocaitions in the Lobby. Giving Maps a Completly new feel by Changing the Side of the playing field you Spawn on. For Lobpot this probably wouldn`t be the best feature if there is any Community Voting involved but for smaller Rooms/Private Rooms i think this could be a interresting addition for Mixing the game a bit up.

So i wanted to ask what the other Lobsters in this Forum think about "borrowing" this Feature for Zk.
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This used to exist in ZK. Possibly it still does if you know the right lobby command, though I can't remember what it is. Maybe !split followed by some arguments, although that doesn't seem to work at the moment.
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20 months ago
Are you referring to the system where you draw start boxes in the lobby? This is how the engine handles start boxes by default, but we removed it ages ago (around 2015 by the look of it). Boxes were replaced with the map-defined start areas we have at the moment. We did this because the user-defined rectangles were a real pain from a deployment and usability perspective, and because the replacement start areas were more flexible and could vary based on player count.

We can't expect people to set up their own start boxes just to get a playable match (this is an advanced skill), and even advanced players doing so in a large room would be chaos. This means that every map needs a default set of start boxes. But they aren't naturally included in the map. So the server has to maintain a full list of default startboxes for each map, and to make matters worse, offline singleplayer also has to be deployed with this list as well. Map creators would have to get these boxes into the deployment process somehow, which is much more annoying than including a map-side startbox config.

Someone could write a modoption that takes a base64 encoded table that sets arbitrary startbox configs. Nobody has been keen enough to do so thus far. In part this is because I doubt anyone would actually use this modoption unless it came with some sort of UI to draw startboxes on the map.

The existing way to change up start positions is to use 'Start Anywhere' mode under Options -> Start -> Start Boxes, then use the honor system to ensure people start where the room agrees they can. I think this works for the primary use case, which is small or private rooms. The option "Set AI Spawns" (just below "Start Boxes") can be used to make the AIs start anywhere.
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I know that this is an old post, but it's the only one I found when searching for "choose where the enemy starts".
I also know that GoogleFrog of course knows this (thanks, by the way), but it might be useful for other players.

So, this is how to choose where the enemy starts and where we start, in a single player skirmish.
I put dots to indent the lines, because I don't know a better way.

Before starting the match, click:

......Start (it's a tab in this small window)

........(On the left of "Start boxes", click the drop-down menu)
........Start anywhere

........(Check the box on the right of "Set AI spawns")

Then click "Apply".
Then start the match by clicking "Start".

In the upper left corner there will be a box named:
..Set AI start positions

Click on a listed player.
..Click on the map, where you want him to start.
Repeat this for all the enemy players.

Click on the desired chassis for yourself.
..Click on the map, where you want you to start.
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25 days ago
Thanks. The wiki would be a good place for a guide.
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