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WASD Anyone?

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29 days ago
Heya, do you guys use WASD to pan around in zero-k?

I set up my client to do that at some point, but it didn't feel like I was supposed to do that.

I think most other RTS games allow using wasd, with the right hand controlling the mouse.
This is something which was probably carried over from FPS games, but now exists in all kinds of games.

Especially if you don't have a numpad [like me], I think it's pretty hard to rebind the keys without losing something.

How did I set it up?

I rebound keys that were mapped to the arrow keys over to WASD.
And then I rebound the keys that were previously mapped to WASD to the arrow keys.
Except Attack-Move (A) I put on Q, since I use that a lot.
Ctrl+D I moved over to Ctrl+K, since I kept miss-clicking it. Can be pretty fatal.

I disabled the grid hotkeys, since I haven't figured out how to remap them to something sane.
( Am I losing out here? )

It sort of works, I have gotten used to it. But some things are strange.
For example, selecting missiles (for Silo) is on "right arrow". (I don't use silo much tho).
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29 days ago
I'm using WASD. I also set up full integral menu keys right to WASD with definite tab changes. This means when you have pressed the key to select a buildings tab, the keys to select a building within that tab are disjoint from the keys to switch to a different tab.
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24 days ago
No, I just use the edges of the screen and my mouse, as well as some scrolling.
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23 days ago
There is a grid layout called "Custom" which lets you set the key that each grid position should correspond to.
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