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This may help to reduce your lagging (what is bufferbloat and how to prevent it)

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10 days ago
So there are three types of lags that may occur while playing ZK (or any Spring game):
1. CPU not fast enough to process all the game mechanics (you have 100% CPU load)
2. Graphic card unable to redraw all the stuff many times a second (you have low FPS)
3. Network problems (you are lagging with high ping even though your CPU is under 100%)

This last problem may be caused by so-called bufferbloat. It may happen even on the high-speed internet connection.

It causes poor performance for voice and video chat, online games to lag, and generally makes people say, “the Internet is not responsive.”

Here is a good article about it, with possible solutions. Or just look up "bufferbloat".

To make sure you don't have it, you need to get grade A in this test.
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9 days ago
Good to know, but... You're not really telling how to prevent it despite the topic. What's the practical advice from you (not the links that can disappear at any moment) to reduce or prevent bufferbloat? Glancing through the linked article, it looks like your only choices are to buy a ≈$200-$300 new router or to make one from a relatively new computer with OpenWRT.
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You don't need a new computer, you can install OpenWRT on almost every router (except some very new models). It is a recommended practice regardless bufferbloat.
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