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dirtbag should remove the bump on ground function

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4 days ago
dirtbag for a relative cheap price , always make bumps on ground that obstruct the movement of units , people just keep spamming dirtbag to block attacks. it should not have been like this , overwhelming. please remove the bump dirtbag able to make
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up post requesting this again dirtbag spam in 7 out of 10 pub 16 vs 16 game by mongoshades
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this game:

and it was pretty ineffective. JohnHunter lost tanks because they got stuck, but I honestly think terrain restore and some riots would be enough.

Also, this game:

which according to the thread-creator showed the "overwhelming power" of dirtbag-spam. It has to be noted that the ones suffering were the allies of the spammer.
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2 days ago
Dirtbags making a little heap is the defining aspect of the unit. The entire point is to make terrain difficult to pass and to allow some kind of defence. Dirtbags are therefore a major element of defending against Lances, since Lance is one of the most OP units right now and one of the ones most hampered by the heaps dirtbag leaves behind. Dirtbag spam is also the answer to early Paladin rushes. If terrain is not made impassable, then Paladin would simply walk straight into the enemy base and flatten everything.

I understand that dirtbag spam can sometimes be frustrating to deal with but it's one of the aspects that makes ZK so interactive and rich. Terraform can clear paths if necessary and so can Tremor and Quake.
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2 days ago
"Restore Terrain"
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2 days ago
Isn't the terraform from dirtbags one of the main source of the lag that they cause? I, for one, would love to see it removed for that alone. Dirtbag spam on its own is already powerful.
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just a thought. quake is still not used.. if dirt are not reworked then perhaps quake could be much cheaper then it could make short work of a bump field. as it stands quake are not worth it imho
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36 hours ago
SmokeDragon I agree Quake is not used much but I think that it should be. it is very powerful in getting rid of crab spires, bump fields, walls etc. It can even pop buried geos right up so that you can eos them.
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33 hours ago
Quake feels like it costs 200 but it actually costs 400
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31 hours ago
I know right, something serious wrong with our economy.
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Realistically, quake cannot make cost. Only really large terraform projects cost over 400m. This is on top of a 1200m silo too. Any utility it has can be achieved by other means:

- Dirtbag spires? -> Use leveler / banisher / tremor. It only costs a bit of attention.
- Crab spire? Why pay 1600m to expose it when you can pay 2k to kill it? Unless you already have a silo or something shiny to blow up in range, it doesn't make sense.

Thankfully nobody knows that shields permanently stop it.
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29 hours ago
The entire purpose of dirtbags is the bump they make, that and suicidal jumping melee antics.

without the dirt, they're just a waddling jump-melee, that is easily replaced by other units in the roster, they have a specific function, that said they can be quite annoying, but if you use terraforming you can quickly fix it, that or any unit that smooths terrain.
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