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Ludam Dare Train Factory

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2 months ago
Does anyone have Ludam Dare games to share? I know some people around here have done it in the past.

Here is mine (with AUrankAdminAquanim working on levels near the end): https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/51/regular-railway

I recommend the post-jam version for a few more levels and a better difficulty progression: https://github.com/NeptunianAxolotl/LD51/releases/tag/PostJam4

It's a Pipe Dream-esque action puzzle game about a portal that can't stop making trains. The placeholder art was a train factory for two whole days, but it ended up being replaced.
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57 days ago
God, it's been so long
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I dared ludum, but failed. Had GF at the time and we had a dachshound... might have some halfbaked stuff on backup hdds... cbf to browse it tho.
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Train Factory... when
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